Torneo Apertura 2009: the fixtures in full

God knows why the AFA do this every bloody year. As usual, they’ve released the full fixture list the day after the first weekend’s fixtures were announced. What possible good comes of this is for Julio Grondona to explain (not that anyone really cares enough to ask him), other than to guarantee two straight days of headlines for the AFA’s fixture compilers. At least they don’t make like the English Premier League and try to convince us it’s all random. Aaaaa-nyway, the full fixture list is right here on HEGS.

The dates of each round are for the Sunday that round culminates on (unless otherwise stated – there are a couple of midweek rounds). As per usual, fixtures will begin on Friday night and continue over Saturday until Sunday evening. I’ve tried to mark all the clásicos in red (or in the case of matches like Chacarita vs Tigre, the nearest those teams will get to one this season), but it’s late at night at the end of a long day, so please point out in the comments if I’ve missed any.
Primera División Argentina, Torneo Apertura 2009: full fixture list

Round 1 (16th August)
Club Atlético Banfield vs Club Atlético River Plate
Club Atlético Huracán vs Club Atlético Lanús
Club Atlético Rosario Central vs Racing Club
Club Atlético Chacarita Juniors vs Club Atlético Tigre
Club Atlético Boca Juniors vs Asociación Atlética Argentinos Juniors
Club Atlético Colón vs Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs Club Estudiantes de La Plata
Club de Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs Club Deportivo Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro vs Club Atlético Tucumán
Club Atlético Independiente vs Club Atlético Newell’s Old Boys

Round 2 (23rd Aug)
Racing vs Colón
Tigre vs Central
River vs Chacarita
Argentinos vs Banfield
Lanús vs Boca
Newell’s vs Huracán
Estudiantes vs Gimnasia LP
Atlético Tucumán vs Independiente
Godoy Cruz vs San Lorenzo
Vélez vs Arsenal

Round 3 (30th Aug)
Independiente vs Godoy Cruz
Huracán vs Atlético Tucumán
Boca vs Newell’s
Argentinos vs Lanús
Banfield vs Chacarita
Central vs River
Colón vs Tigre
Arsenal vs Racing
Gimnasia LP vs Vélez
San Lorenzo vs Estudiantes

Round 4 (Weds 2nd Sept)
Racing vs Gimnasia LP
Tigre vs Arsenal
River vs Colón
Chacarita vs Central
Lanús vs Banfield
Newell’s vs Argentinos
Atlético Tucumán vs Boca
Godoy Cruz vs Huracán
Estudiantes vs Independiente
Vélez vs San Lorenzo

Round 5 (13th Sept)
Independiente vs Vélez
Huracán vs Estudiantes
Boca vs Godoy Cruz
Argentinos vs Atlético Tucumán
Lanús vs Newell’s
Central vs Banfield
Colón vs Chacarita
Arsenal vs River
Gimnasia LP vs Tigre
San Lorenzo vs Racing

Round 6 (20th Sept)
Racing vs Independiente
Tigre vs San Lorenzo
River vs Gimnasia LP
Chacarita vs Arsenal
Banfield vs Newell’s
Central vs Colón
Atlético Tucumán vs Lanús
Godoy Cruz vs Argentinos
Estudiantes vs Boca
Vélez vs Huracán

Round 7 (27th Sept)
Independiente vs Tigre
Huracán vs Racing
Boca vs Vélez
Argentinos vs Estudiantes
Lanús vs Godoy Cruz
Newell’s vs Atlético Tucumán
Colón vs Banfield
Arsenal vs Central
Gimnasia LP vs Chacarita
San Lorenzo vs River

Round 8 (4th Oct)
Racing vs Boca
Tigre vs Huracán
River vs Independiente
Chacarita vs San Lorenzo
Banfield vs Atlético Tucumán
Central vs Gimnasia LP
Colón vs Arsenal
Godoy Cruz vs Newell’s
Estudiantes vs Lanús
Vélez vs Argentinos

Round 9 (Weds 7th Oct)
Independiente vs Chacarita
Huracán vs River
Boca vs Tigre
Argentinos vs Racing
Lanús vs Vélez
Newell’s vs Estudiantes
Atlético vs Godoy Cruz
Arsenal vs Banfield
Gimnasia LP vs Colón
San Lorenzo vs Central

Round 10 (18th Oct)
Racing vs Lanús
Tigre vs Argentinos
River vs Boca
Chacarita vs Huracán
Banfield vs Godoy Cruz
Central vs Independiente
Colón vs San Lorenzo
Arsenal vs Gimnasia LP
Estudiantes vs Atlético Tucumán
Vélez vs Newell’s

Round 11 (25th Oct)
Independiente vs Colón
Huracán vs Central
Boca vs Chacarita
Argentinos vs River
Lanús vs Tigre
Newell’s vs Racing
Atlético Tucumán vs Vélez
Godoy Cruz vs Estudiantes
Gimnasia LP vs Banfield
San Lorenzo vs Arsenal

Round 12 (Weds 28th Oct)
Racing vs Atlético Tucumán
Tigre vs Newell’s
River vs Lanús
Chacarita vs Argentinos
Banfield vs Estudiantes
Central vs Boca
Colón vs Huracán
Arsenal vs Independiente
Gimnasia LP vs San Lorenzo
Vélez vs Godoy Cruz

Round 13 (1st Nov)
Independiente vs Gimnasia LP
Huracán vs Arsenal
Boca vs Colón
Argentinos vs Central
Lanús vs Chacarita
Newell’s vs River
Atlético Tucumán vs Tigre
Godoy Cruz vs Racing
Estudiantes vs Vélez
San Lorenzo vs Banfield

Round 14 (8th Nov)
Racing vs Estudiantes
Tigre vs Godoy Cruz
River vs Atlético Tucumán
Chacarita vs Newell’s
Banfield vs Vélez
Central vs Lanús
Colón vs Argentinos
Arsenal vs Boca
Gimnasia LP vs Huracán
San Lorenzo vs Independiente

Round 15 (15th Nov)
Independiente vs Banfield
Huracán vs San Lorenzo
Boca vs Gimnasia LP
Argentinos vs Arsenal
Lanús vs Colón
Newell’s vs Central
Atlético Tucumán vs Chacarita
Godoy Cruz vs River
Estudiantes vs Tigre
Vélez vs Racing

Round 16 (22nd Nov)
Independiente vs Huracán
Tigre vs Vélez
River vs Estudiantes
Chacarita vs Godoy Cruz
Banfield vs Racing
Central vs Atlético Tucumán
Colón vs Newell’s
Arsenal vs Lanús
Gimnasia LP vs Argentinos
San Lorenzo vs Boca

Round 17 (29th Nov)
Racing vs Tigre
Huracán vs Banfield
Boca vs Independiente
Argentinos vs San Lorenzo
Lanús vs Gimnasia LP
Newell’s vs Arsenal
Atlético Tucumán vs Colón
Godoy Cruz vs Central
Estudiantes vs Chacarita
Vélez vs River

Round 18 (6th Dec)
Independiente vs Argentinos
Huracán vs Boca
River vs Racing
Chacarita vs Vélez
Banfield vs Tigre
Central vs Estudiantes
Colón vs Godoy Cruz
Arsenal vs Atlético Tucumán
Gimnasia LP vs Newell’s
San Lorenzo vs Lanús

Round 19 (13th Dec)
Racing vs Chacarita
Tigre vs River
Boca vs Banfield
Argentinos vs Huracán
Lanús vs Independiente
Newell’s vs San Lorenzo
Atlético Tucumán vs Gimnasia LP
Godoy Cruz vs Arsenal
Estudiantes vs Colón
Vélez vs Central

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11 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2009: the fixtures in full

  1. jajajaja… I live in Portsmouth and when I saw that piece of news on “Clarin” I couldn’t believe it… Messi and Maradona here!!!
    Then I went and check on the local newspaper… nothing about it… probably a comment made by the new owner and taken to the sky by “Clarin” (not the first time they do this)

  2. It’s rubbish, mates. Not gonna happen (at least until Diego doesn’t get the boot from the AFA -unlikely, because he is generating money for them-).

    Back to the fixture situation…I hear Gallego (Independiente manager) bitching about how hard the fixture list looks for Independiente. He’s even suggesting there could be someone trying to undermine El Rojo’s season.

    Now…let’s take a look. OK, Independiente will play all their matches against the other teams from the Big 5 away from home.

    Is that because someone inside the AFA wants to see them go down the drain?

    Or could it be that they are giving them an extra 6 (or 7 or 8 months) to finish up their stadium and host Boca, River, Racing and San Lorenzo in their own stadium?

    Stop the smoke coming from your mouth, Gallego. I don’t buy the rubbish you’re saying.

    Plus…we all know teams challenged by a bad promedio, really struggle in the Clausura (not the Apertura, where relegations seem distant). What better than having all your derbies at home when it really matters?

  3. what do you all think of the transfer season up to now, we’re a mere palmful of weeks away from the start of the season, so for the last-minute shopping to start soon… who’s got better? worse?

  4. Any idea when the actual times and dates for matches are guessing tv channels would have the final say.

    1. They only seem to confirm them on the Wednesday or Thursday before the actual round begins. And I’ve seen matches I thought were confirmed by Wednesday turn up at an entirely different time when the weekend arrives!

      I imagine it’s a nightmare for people planning a trip.

      1. As Matthew says Brendan, the times are only confirmed during the week before the round. If you’re in Buenos Aires anyway, though, you’ll always have plenty of matches to choose from in terms of going along on the day. Likewise, one or the other of the Rosario and La Plata clubs are nearly always at home – so if you’re not too fussy you can have fun anyway.

        One rule you can pretty much rely on is that Boca will always play on the Sunday.

        Exact kick off times for each round go up here on HEGS at midday UK time (8am Argentine time at present – 10am Argentine time by the end of the Apertura) on the Friday.

  5. Haven’t been here for a bit, been on holiday. Apparently some team from La Plata won something the other week? Don’t think we have to spend any more time on that, though.

    I’m trying to find my way through the morass of transfer information on Clarin, TyC etc.

    Who is going to be Racing’s goalkeeper next season?? I thought Racing were signing him permanently, then he’s back at Boca now San Lorenzo. But what happens to Racing if Gullota and El Flaco are gone?

    Of the players being signed, I like Rosano, really like Steinert (I always wondered why he didn’t appear for Newell’s more), don’t know anything about Britez Ojeda, any others Seba can fill us in on?

    Good call Seba about the Independiente fixture list. My guess is that Independiente will be in real trouble by December, but get well away from it by May. :-(

    Starting in Rosario isn’t too good – although that win there really turned the season around this time, gracias Frankito ;-)

    And if we’re still struggling by next May, not very happy about Chaca away to finish either.

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