Torneo Clausurado?

The threat of postponement to the start of the 2008-2009 season has been hanging over Argentine football since the official fixture list for the Primera División was released last week. On Wednesday AFA President Julio Grondona declared that the decision has been taken to provisionally ‘postpone all the championships until Futbolístas Argentinos Agremadios [the players’ union] give the OK to lift the sanctions against the clubs.’

After talks with government ministers, with the FAA themselves and with the clubs, Grondona is confident of reaching a compromise or seeing the financial difficulties sorted out with a little government help. He’ll also be well aware that if he manages to help the clubs out of this mess he’ll have earned a few favours which could be called in at a later date in the event – let’s just hypothesise here shall we? – of an important election at the AFA (not that the FIFA Vice-President really has to worry about such things anyway).

The TV companies, most notably TyC Sports, might yet come to the rescue with vital cash, but government assistance in some form is looking likely. At any rate, a date has been set by which everything has to be agreed if the new season is going to begin on time: Tuesday, 11th August, 72 hours before the scheduled first match of the season on Friday, 14th.

The total debt owed by Argentina’s clubs to their players is around AR$40 million (roughly US$10.4 million). The clubs in danger are from the country’s top three divisions, and there are twenty-one of them. On Wednesday, for the first time, the full list of them was made public. From the Primera: Independiente; River; Racing; San Lorenzo; Newell’s Old Boys, Rosario Central and Huracán. From B Nacional: Unión de Santa Fe; Aldosivi de Mar Del Plata; San Martín de San Juan; Platense; Ferro, Quilmes and Olimpo. And from B Metropolitano: Deportivo Morón; Estudiantes de Caseros; Nueva Chicago; Almagro; Deportivo Español, Temperley and Flandria.

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4 thoughts on “Torneo Clausurado?

  1. Only one surprise in that list in La Primera: San Lorenzo. I thought that TV guy paid for everything?

    Huracán are technically bankrupt aren’t they? In fact, was Pastore ever their player, I read he was only on loan from Talleres and will get none of the money Palermo have spent on him?

    As for Racing, the new regime hasn’t exactly covered itself with glory so far, but Caruso is doing a marvellous job considering.
    I wonder where the Zucu money has gone, though.

  2. Marcelo Tinelli the tv guy recently was in problems as he bought an illegally imported hummer from the classifieds (ya right), but he did manage to sell it before he got in trouble. He also is in the making of building up a pretty shady accounting history, almost as obscure as Carlos Menem… i wouldn’t too surprised if Tinelli gets found out for tax evasion eventually after all of this huffafuff with no futbol.
    Huracan spent all of their credit-line getting the Thomas Duco open again and not even a De Federico transfer can cover that now.

    At this rate La Guardia Imperial can pay Racing’s deudas purely for their own personal power grab, why not? being the main source of counterfeit merchandise for the country’s arguably most well supported by citizens behind boca and river should make good income however greedy they really are.

    lower division teams live and die by budget bottom lines.

  3. As far as Racing Club is concerned, I think we’re off the hook.

    My single most hated Racing Club player of all times, Diego Manicero, has gone one step farther and he sued the club together with the traitor that is Hilario Navarro and so Racing was unable to operate in the market for a few days. But that ban has been lifted and Racing is the club with the most new signings this term.

    President Rodolfo Molina even said Manicero was not paid back in the day, simply because the player failed to turn up and claim the payment like other players did. See? Manicero is useless even off the pitch! He is yet to make a good decision since he was born! I can’t believe how much I hate that horrible horrible horrible “player”!

    As far as I know, the new directors are doing things slowly but they are not very far from the mark.

    If you look at our squad, most of the players we’ve got either belong to Racing 100% or we’ve got 50% of their rights (a percentage incredible high for the normal standards of Argie footy).

    Lets not forget the new directors inherited a club that was in a deep mess and at least we’re not seeing the same atrocities of old when we would sell grandma’s jewels to buy crappy declining “stars” and increase our debt.

    I wouldn’t be very wrong in saying that of all the Big 5, Racing are the ones less in debt.

  4. The ruthless dictator that is Grondona, the biggest cancer Argentine football has to suffer, will arguably (according to reports on dodgy and yellow “Infobae”) limit to only 2000 the number of away fans for every match in the First Division.

    At the same time, Grondona would keep for the next four years the prohibition for away fans to attend matches in the lower divisions.

    Grondona continues to make wonderful things for Argentine football.

    Why Bobby Robson? Why not him?

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