AFA protests, and Sand on his way

That is, protests against the AFA, not protests on the part of the AFA. At six on Tuesday evening, two coaches dropped off sixty or seventy people outside the AFA headquarters who proceeded to mount a protest against current AFA President Julio Grondona. Earlier in the day, José Sand was sold by Lanús to Al Ain in the UAE. The two incidents are not thought to be related.

The protest in Viamonte wasn’t arranged very far in advance as far as the security authorities can tell – at any rate, it was too spur-of-the-moment for any police to be present. The fans gathered didn’t claim allegiance to any one club, merely telling reporters that they were ‘from Avellaneda’. Chants and graffiti sprayed onto the front of the AFA building accused Grondona of being a ‘thief’. The protest lasted an hour and Grondona was known to be in the building at the time, but sadly no harm came to him. Ahem, I mean, but fortunately no harm came to him.

Sand, meanwhile, is packing his bags for the middle east after having spent a few years highlighting (as if it was needed) what morons the directors at River Plate were to have sold him on to a domestic rival. Lanús bought Sand from the Núñez club two years ago for US$1.3 million. On Monday night, the deal was sealed which sees him leave El Sur for $10 million, of which US$7 million will go to Lanús. Not a bad mark up. Even better considering that over the 2008-2009 season he scored 28 domestic goals to add to the role he played in the 2007 Apertura, when the Granate claimed their first ever league championship.

In total Sand scored 58 goals in his two seasons with Lanús, so the only real surprise about his transfer is that it’s not to a European league or to Mexico. At the age of 29, though, as Sand put it, ‘I can’t pick and choose a team.’ He’ll get a deserved payday in the United Arab Emirates, and who knows – maybe he’ll be back in Argentina to see things out. Buena suerte, José.

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  1. Sad to see Sand leave, as it’s been fun to watch him as he’s played a big part in helping one of the “smaller” clubs to such success recently. But Lanus obviously have other talented players, and it’s nice to see that they got a very good amount of money for him.

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