Chacarita’s security concerns, and Torneo Apertura delay

Those of you in the UK (and certain lucky overseas places) can enjoy my writing in the medium of print again this month. British magazine When Saturday Comes have a new article by me on the subject of Chacarita Juniors’ promotion back to the Primera División, and what it means for the security forces in Buenos Aires – particularly surrounding the rivalry that club’s fanbase has with Boca Juniors’ gang La Doce. If you want to pick it up, the cover looks like this. Also, keep your eyes on the WSC homepage over the next few days for a short comment piece by me on Wednesday’s announcement by the AFA that the Torneo Apertura almost definitely won’t be starting next weekend.

A short further note – I’m not sure exactly how much time I’ll have spare over the weekend, but HEGS will return to normal next Tuesday night.

2 thoughts on “Chacarita’s security concerns, and Torneo Apertura delay

  1. Looking forward to reading Sam’s article. Haven’t looked at WSC in years!

    But no fútbol next weekend? Terrible! Weekends are feeling empty enough… :-(

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