Delayed kick off

On Sunday TyC Sports president Marcelo Bombau talked to Olé, telling them that he considered the AFA’s attitude towards the TV companies in the ongoing dispute over player wages to be ‘illicit, unjust and disrespectful.’ Last week, of course, it was announced that the championship won’t be starting as scheduled this coming weekend. I’ve written something for When Saturday Comes‘ website on that development, and I’m sure all would agree that you can’t consider yourself a fan of Argentine football unless you like seeing Julio Grondona slagged off a bit from time to time. So you can read that opinion piece here, and look forward to the return of HEGS to normal service tomorrow evening.


2 thoughts on “Delayed kick off

  1. Good article. But what a mess. The TyC guy is saying that he’s already offered the money to clear these debts? What’s going on? I’m sure everyone’s getting pretty fed up, if this goes on much longer there will be more than a couple of coachloads turning up to demonstarte against Grondona.

  2. The latest I hear is from one of the AFA spokepersons (sp?), Ernest Cherquis Bialo (who used to be very critical of Grondona in the past until the big boss offered him some money to lick his boots and that’s what he is doing these days).

    He announced that football won’t start this coming weekend, but the unwritten agreement between club presidents is to start, with or without TV, the following weekend (that of the 21 August).

    Also, Matt, what the TyC president offered the AFA was the 40 million pesos that served to pay the debts to Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados (or in reality, to the players that need to be paid).

    Grondona asked for 500 million or else he’d go to the former President of the country: Nestor Kirchner (who seems to be willing to pay that money, take football broadcasting rights off TyC, give them to the state channel (canal 7) or make an arrangement with another company and in the meantime, hit very hard Grupo Clarin -enemy of the Kirchners and oh very surprisingly owner of TyC-).

    The only bad thing out of this is that there is no chance in hell that Grondona will be the loser in this battle. He’ll keep on getting richer whilst killing Argentine football in the process.

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