The Enganche is born

With the new season comes a new website. Don’t worry, HEGS readers – this blog’s not going anywhere. But Seba García, Joel Richards and I have been thinking it’s silly of the three of us to run our own blogs and not collaborate on something. So here it is. My thoughts on the Copa Sudamericana and Friday night’s opening matches of the Apertura; Joel’s take on the players who’ve left Argentina for pastures new; an historical piece from Seba; debate between the other two over Gonzalo Higuaín’s place (or lack thereof) for the selección; predictions from the three of us for the Apertura, and an interview from Seba with Liverpool’s rising star Emiliano Insúa. There’ll be a regular podcast throughout the season and plenty more to come. If you’ve enjoyed HEGS over the last two-and-a-half years, please now enjoy The Enganche as well. It’ll only get better from here.
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One thought on “The Enganche is born

  1. Just had a quick look, WHAT A FANTASTIC WEBSITE!
    There is so much going on, lots to read, it will keep me occupied tomorrow on my weekend off. But for now I’m nervously awaiting Racing’s first match of the season. More later… ;-)

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