Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 1 scores and scorers

River Plate began the Apertura as they mean to continue it, conceding a chaotic goal to Banfield after just a minute and looking largely toothless in an attempt to get back into the game. Clausura runners-up Huracán scored a cracker but still lost to Lanús, and Boca were 2-0 down at home to Argentinos at the break, but were drawing 2-2 by the 52nd minute, all thanks to half-time substitute Guillermo Marino, on his return from Tigres of Mexico. Not only did we have a lot of early goals this weekend, but there wasn’t one red card shown. All the goalscorers are here, as usual.

Primera División Torneo Apertura 2009, first round:
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 0 – 2 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (M. Jara 3; F. Higuaín 49)
Independiente 0 – 1 Newell’s Old Boys (J.M. Insaurralde 76)
San Lorenzo de Almagro (G. Bergessio 2; J.C. Menseguez 47; P. Pintos 90+2) 3 – 1 Atlético de Tucumán (D. Barone 12)
Chacarita Juniors (D. Pereira 37) 1 – 2 Tigre (L. Lázzaro 20, 52)
Arsenal Fútbol Club 0 – 2 Estudiantes de La Plata (M. Boselli 8; C. Cellay 45+1)
Rosario Central (G. Núñez 25) 1 – 0 Racing Club
Huracán (L. Díaz 70) 1 – 2 Lanús (S. Salcedo 11, 31)
Boca Juniors (G. Marino 46, 51) 2 – 2 Argentinos Juniors (G. Hauche 30; N. Gianni 45+1)
Banfield (S. Silva 1; S. Fernández 32) 2 – 0 River Plate
Club Atlético Colón 0 – 1 Vélez Sársfield (J. Cristaldo 83)

As ever, the goals will be online here on HEGS on Monday night – but you can’t wait that long, keep an eye on The Enganche, where Seba should have them up during the day.

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3 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 1 scores and scorers

  1. Terrible start for Racing. I was too depressed after the match to post anything. It was typical, a freakish goal by Central, then Racing had the ball in the Central half for most of the second half yet still never looked like creating anything really dangerous. At least we know Santillo is a pretty good keeper, he made three good saves on their counter-attacks.

    As for the other games, River Plate are a joke. Gallardo? Ortega? Well, the River fans chanted for these players, we’ll see what they get. If you look at the history of Manchester United, they kept playing Best, Law and Charlton long after they were past their best, and after three years of steadily worsening results, they went down. I’m not saying it will happen to River, but it could – they way they played you could see them getting beaten in almost any game, Central away etc.

    A word on the TV presentation, it was, with the exception of Araujo, pretty amateruish. There were too many close-ups at the expense of seeing attacks, for example Chaca brought a good save out of Islas, there was a close-up of the Chaca player who’d just shot, while the rebound was whistling over Islas’ bar. It happened time and time again, it seems these directors have no clue about doing football matches -TyC were the experts and Canal 7 need to tap into some of that expertise. Except, I assume they don’t have the money to sign up TyC commentators and technical staff, so I guess we’ll have to put up with it, but I bet any money that within a few weeks, we will miss a goal from a snapshot or chip while we’re watching a close-up of a sub taking his track suit off or something.

    Mind you, I bet all Argentines are delighted to see all football back on Free TV, even if production values are non-existent.

    1. I’m guessing River management thinks they can draw more fans with a bad team that includes Gallardo and El Burrito, rather than with a bad team without them. Plus, the old guys will score a few goals. If Ortega stays off the sauce, I’m betting he will outscore Fabbiani.

  2. I agree about the commentators. All of them pretty homer-ish. For the Godoy Cruz – Gimnasia match, bring in Gustavo Barros Schelotto and really spew homerism as they would call a shot as a close call for godoy cruz even when the ball clearly wasn’t even within 6 metres of the goal mouth. Add barely any history or mention of Godoy Cruz apart from “oh, they will be looking to continue what they did last year this year” type of comments. It got to the point where I went looking for an different online feed, and managed to bring up somebody from Spain streaming the neutral Uruguayan commentators from Gol Television so that was alright, a little annoying with the 4 minute audio/commercial breaks from the commentary on that channel, there weren’t any interruptions in the video feed.

    The mainstream argentine media has only been able to post substandard-quality videos of the goals. And none of them are too happy with being shut-out of the stadia, they weren’t even allowed to cover the post-game press conferences! Which is absurdly silly, what’s the point of a press conference if there’s nobody there to cover it. ah well.

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