Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 2 fixtures

The second round of the 2009 Torneo Apertura takes in at least two channels (América will broadcast four matches exclusively, with the rest on Canal 7 and possibly Canal 9) and an early clash between two teams who could potentially be propping up the table come December – River Plate host Chacarita Juniors. Impressive first round winners San Lorenzo visit Godoy Cruz in Mendoza and champions Vélez host Arsenal, but the undoubted tie of the weekend is the clásico platense, in which South American champions Estudiantes de La Plata are at home to Gimnasia in a match which won’t see any visiting fans allowed in.

All kick off times are local – add four hours for British Summer Time.

Primera División Torneo Apertura 2009, second round:
Tigre vs Rosario Central (Fri, 19:10)
Racing Club vs Club Atlético Colón (Fri, 21:10)
Vélez Sársfield vs Arsenal Fútbol Club (Sat, 14:10)
Estudiantes de La Plata vs Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (Sat, 16:10)
Argentinos Juniors vs Banfield (Sat, 18:10)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs San Lorenzo de Almagro (Sat, 20:10)

River Plate vs Chacarita Juniors (Sun, 14:10)
Atlético Tucumán vs Independiente (Sun, 16:10)
Lanús vs Boca Juniors (Sun, 18:10)
Newell’s Old Boys vs Huracán (Sun, 20:10)

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12 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 2 fixtures

  1. Who decided there would be no visiting fans in La Plata? Ruining what is a great occasion. Surely that Municipal Stadium, horrible though it is, is capable of hosting this fixture with both sets of fans there.
    I really want Gimnasia to win with a late goal to silence them all.
    As for Racing, we’ve got the late game *again*. Really tired, got to stay up till 3am! I know Wednesdays game is not a good time for Seba, but 6pm will be a relief for me, ha ha! I’ve even changed my day off from work so I can watch it. :-)

  2. Racing should be winning this (half time). If Lucero had a right foot… if Ramirez went down when the keeper looked close to clipping him… lots of chances, though a couple of good saves from Santillo, and a Migliore-style mess too. Aveldano is immense.

    Wondering how this is on TyC International? Some Mexican guy is streaming it, am quite glad cause Nelson y Fabbri are better than the Public TV guys, but it doesn’t sound like they are in the stadium, more like a studio booth. Odd.

  3. That second half was shockingly poor. Very nice of Colón to throw it away at the end. Again, I couldn’t see Racing scoring in the second half until it was presented to us on a plate. Very depressing before then, though.
    Grazzini very dissapointing so far this season :-(

  4. I noticied TyC International doing that too, and in a sense it’s probably the only way for them to broadcast now – as purely an exporter, as the rights they had taken away from them were for national broadcasting. The rights to the images are now public. If Gol Television españa has the same feed then why not TyC Int… And even if the bad blood between the Government&Grupo Clarin still exists and prevents TyC to buy broadcast rights directly from them, then they are probably buying the images from the other broadcasters that are now sharing the view time, Canal 9, America etc or the aforementioned Gol Television contract (which I have no idea when it was arranged – Gol Television is a premium channel on TDT and Orange and available as VOD/PPV for bars) Same source, different flies.

  5. Sunday I will be sitting in the Chacarita popular section at the Monumental. Say a prayer for me. I’m leaving my Boca cap at home.

    Afeared Johnny

  6. uuy Godoy Cruz just about had it sealed. but they struggled mightly in their own end as San Lorenzo took control of the rest of the second half. oh well. nothing to say about the penalty, it’s a mad scramble at the end, you want to keep the ball out of the net whatever the cost, so what it’s worth, the penalty can be saved or muffed…

    1. But Sigali’s suspended against Independiente now :-(

      Really didn’t enjoy that La Plata derby. I hope the away fan ban there isn’t the thin end of the wedge. In a game like that, Gimnasia gave away any chance they might have had… they’re only human after all, it must be impossible to play in front of 40,000 people who all hate you, with no support whatsoever, and the referee isn’t going to be inclined to give any decisions at all to the visitors either. It was a travesty of sport, I stopped watching at 2-0, apparently Estudiantes got another one, but the whole thing left a bad taste.

      I don’t understand the logic, either. 2 clubs in the same city? It’s not like banning, say, Racing fans from a game against Estudiantes, you can stop the bulk of them from travelling. But where exactly did Gimnasia fans go today? Was there a big screen in El Bosque? Or did they just pile into bars to watch? Maybe the same bars that Estudiantes fans might have wanted to visit on their way home. I bet there’s still trouble tonight, the away fan ban may just make things worse.

      1. Godoy cruz sans Sigali is definately going to hurt the team, but it was their own fault for trapping themselves in their own half. Well going forward, it would be nice to see Lobo or Trotta – if they are fit? Dutari is more full back than libero, vallés to the bench (rather caotic wingback for the purpose of a 3-man backline). Curbelo has been great though, perhaps its time to try a 3-4-3 diamond and tighten up the gap with olmedo sticking back. formica-curbelo-dutari / valencia-olmedo-aguirre-rojas / vega – chavez – jara

        I wasn’t home yet for the derby platense but saw Enzo Perez dance around gato Sessa afterward. And apparently that was the goal you missed Matthew. Gimnasia will probably lockout Estudiantes in the revancha. Apparently some hinchas of gimnasia came to the stadium grounds to light firecrackers. Another group contracted a plane to fly over the staduim streaming a “La 22 no abandona” and yet another group had a glider release pamphlets supporting la 22

  7. Justin…it has to do with the AFA, the clubs, the TV people, the Monday papers, the fans…all wanting to keep their football being played on Sunday.

    The majority of fans (Boca and River) still get to enjoy football on Sunday, whilst all the fans from other teams are rotated through the rest of the weekend (most notably Independiente, Racing and San Lorenzo -and whoever play them-).

    When the TV-era began in Argentina, it was always one from Racing-Independiente-San Lorenzo playing at home on a Friday night. Then one of the Big5 playing away (preferably in the provinces) and then Boca and River -and the other of the Big5 that didn’t play on Friday and Saturday- all played on Sundays.

    We had (on cable TV) one live match on Friday, one on Saturday and a couple on Sunday (one of them pay-per-view on top of your cable TV subscription) if my memory doesn’t fail me here.

    But over the last few years, it became pretty clear everybody involved in the football business want Boca and River on Sunday.

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