Copa Sudamericana 2010: Vélez 1 – 0 Boca: the goal

Another 1-0 win for the home side in the second all-Argentine Copa Sudamericana preliminary tie saw domestic champions Vélez Sársfield progress to the first round proper after a 2-1 aggregate win over Boca Juniors. Martín Palermo was sent off for the visitors for a violent challenge on national side left back Emiliano Papa, and Jonathan Cristaldo scored the crucial goal with half an hour to play – you can watch it here.

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4 thoughts on “Copa Sudamericana 2010: Vélez 1 – 0 Boca: the goal

  1. Ok, more obsessiveness about Boca’s decline. What a contrast in teams on display between Boca and Velez. Velez, very motivated, lots of energy, obviously well coached, marvelous work offensively. Boca, an old truck stuck in mud up to it’s axles, spinning tires hopelessly. Boca has gone steadily downhill since being booted out of the Libertadores when Migliore couldn’t handle that swerving shot. That led to a fracture between Palermo and Riquelme and the die was cast. Their last hurrah was the playoff victory involving Tigre and San Lorenzo, but everybody knows Boca was not the best team at that point.

    So, Humpty-Dumpty hasn’t been put back together and the results are clear to see. An aging, slow, boring team with no fire and much dissension right below the surface. Unfortunately, instead of selling off some of the older big names and letting others retire, Boca has sold off lots of young talent and kept Riquelme, Palermo and Ibarra. Even some players who had weathered the storm are starting to stink, Morel Rodriguez was the pits the other night. Ibarra looked like he was born in 1897. Gary Medel played with lots of energy, given he is new and doesn’t have any of the baggage accumulated by other Boca players over the past two years. The best player on the team over the past two years has been Julio Cesar Caceres. Consummate professional.

    The upshot, the Boca big cheese’s better start thinking about either cleaning house completely, or at minimum, letting either Palermo or Roman go. For me, better that both are exiled. I had high hopes with Coco’s return, but in my opinion, he has always done his best work with young, impressionable players that he can motivate and fit into a working system. He has few players like that at his disposal now. Time to clean out all that old shit in the attic, have a yard sale and start looking around for new talent.

  2. Boca is going down hill. Boca has major problems. The club is being run into the ground. Huge debt. That’s part of the problem. I wonder if the players are getting paid?

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