Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 5 fixtures

This weekend sees the first clásico of the season between members of the ‘Big Five’, with San Lorenzo hosting Racing Club on Sunday afternoon as Argentina finally bids farewell to winter. Saturday sees Tigre visit Gimnasia in a match which should see both sides hopeful of getting some points on the board, but Friday sees the top three all in action – Estudiantes (2nd) visit Huracán, then Central (1st) take on Banfield (3rd) in Santa Fe.

All kick off times are local. Add four hours for British Summer Time.

Primera División Torneo Apertura 2009, fifth round:
Huracán vs Estudiantes de La Plata (Fri, 19:00)
Rosario Central vs Banfield (Fri, 21:10)
Club Atlético Colón vs Chacarita Juniors (Sat, 14:00)
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs Tigre (Sat, 16:10)
Argentinos Juniors vs Atlético Tucumán (Sat, 18:10)
Independiente vs Vélez Sársfield (Sat, 20:10)

Lanús vs Newell’s Old Boys (Sun, 14:00)
San Lorenzo de Almagro vs Racing Club (Sun, 16:10)
Boca Juniors vs Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (Sun, 18:10)
Arsenal Fútbol Club vs River Plate (Sun, 20:10)

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13 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 5 fixtures

  1. Estudiantes couldn’t miss the net. Golazos in bunches, the one by Enzo Perez had gambeta and fuego all in one … the huracan gol from 45 yards out was great as well.

    Now just Velez needs to play and we’ll have a pretty good idea how the title race will go. The early hiccups of Independiente and San Lorenzo in the first 2 matches put them behind a bit of distance. Regardless it looks like how the standings are now will be status quo until somebody significant gets hurt (and by significant I do not mean Veron)

  2. Lanus is a sorry excuse of a team today against Newells. It frustrates me that I’m having to watch this to wait for San Lorenzo-Racing and Godoy Cruz-Boca.
    Caranta is easily the only player playing today for Lanus as the team on the pitch in front of him are putting in a pathetic effort. There is no urgency to find open pitch up front, every pass seems ragged or errant.
    – Bravo, ñuels!!!

  3. Well, there you go, my “best player” for Boca for the past two years, Caceres, hands Godoy Cruz a goal on a silver platter 8 minutes in.

  4. Dumb camera angles, shouldn’t there be a goal camera focused straight down the goal mouth?
    Anyways I was getting worried after the clasico that sunday was going to be a complete bore. This first half is easily as entertaining as Velez-Independiente was overall (but that one took ages for something to happen, all scored in bunches and only the final push of independiente put you on the edge of the seat – boca’s chances are so agonizingly close you can’t help it if you tried, ditto for the pair of runs godoy cruz had ; the same “i can’t look” feeling )

  5. There’s all sorts of things going in the area that go against the boca goal, offensive foul of battaglia on formica who would be the owner of the gol once it’s annouced as an own goal (if ever), sigali (who chested it on the line) was crouched forward over the line. Yes the ball hit the inside right post but sigali’s shoulder would of prevented it from fully crossing the line

    1. Hard to say about the goal without a camera right on the line. Maybe yes, maybe no, no ?

      YES ! Medel with his first Boca goal ! Looked like Palermo on that one.

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