Two giants losing their managers

Some news that’s breaking as I go to bed on Sunday night: Néstor Gorosito looks certain to resign as River Plate manager on Monday after his side’s 1-0 loss to Arsenal de Sarandí, but now Alfio Basile could well be joining him in the dole queue after he presented his resignation to Carlos Bianchi in the wake of Boca Juniors’ 3-2 home loss to Godoy Cruz. Bianchi and Juan Román Riquelme are set to try and talk Basile into reconsidering. There’ll be more on this here on HEGS tomorrow.
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5 thoughts on “Two giants losing their managers

  1. Night of the long knives ! It looks like alot of the just below the surface dissension at Boca might get brought screaming out into the daylight. What a freakin’ mess. I’m betting Coco didn’t bargain for this when he agreed to return. This Roman vs. Palermo feud, and all of it’s subplots, should have been fully addressed more than a year ago.

    As for their performance last night, Boca played with more energy and purpose, but still terribly inefficient. So many mistakes, with even Caceres with a major blunder. So, inaddition to everything else Roman will have his foot x-rayed and honest to god, Palermo appears to be playing on one leg. Either that or he has lost so much quickness that he can’t reach a simple pass sent his way by Riquelme. Of course the other possibility is that he just can’t get to that pass for another reason.

  2. Boca arguably had it’s best game of the season yesterday comparatively to the others, just the overall mistakes as you said Johnny cost them dearly in the end.

    Coco leaving the team like that would of left a sour taste in the team…
    But looking forward Estudiantes and Velez are their next games and the troops are in the infirmary. Complete catch-22, it would make no difference if Basile stays or leaves the next game when the roster is this thin.
    – They sent a call to get Gunino back from the Sub20 Uruguayo – however he would be just another young inexperienced defenseman more.
    – Noir out for 3 months for a parcially torn ACL to add onto the attacking grief
    – Mouche is still a month away
    – Riquelme out for a handful of weeks
    – Morel is day-to-day i believe (can’t find official word on extent of injury)
    – Medel was/is the most nimble defenseman on the team so the match ban will hurt badly
    – all of the attacking midfields are central midfielders. No variety. They would need to drastically change formation in order to accomodate players available.

    1. Mike, thanks for the update on the injuries. No kidding, few troops to work with. What ails Mouche ? I never got the info on that one. Riquelme out. Noir out-not that he was doing much, but at least a little speed compared to Viatri. Maybe we will see some of Krupoviesa if Morel can’t go. At least Krupo has more of an attacking mentality. So, no speculation in the media about Palermo not being fit ? He looks like he has a hitch in his giddy-up to me.

      Bad news all way around.

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