Struggling rivalry

I’ve been in Barcelona on holiday since Wednesday, hence the lack of action on HEGS during the past few days, but before I left I still kept myself busy off-blog by writing a piece for ESPN Soccernet on the managerial pressures at Argentina’s two domestic giants, River Plate and Boca Juniors. If you’d like to read a thousand words on why señores Gorosito and Basile are in it up to their necks, you need do no more than click this link.
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5 thoughts on “Struggling rivalry

  1. barca could teach those two clubs how to be run. just paid 77 euro to become a member and now realise it only last till the end of the year and then has to be renewed!!! i better get tickets for el classico.
    Good article. Aguilar is obviously despised but why cant he be kicked out?? River are an absolute joke at this stage. That whole league needs a serious kick up the culo as far as i can see.

    1. murt, you are so right. I’ve been watching this league for fifteen years, and always agreed with the TyC guys when they proclaimed it the most competitive league in the world.
      This must be the worst championship during the whole of those 15 years. The second half of San Lorenzo v Racing truly was the pits, possibly one of the worst games ever played, lol. Lanús showed so little spark against Newell’s, Huracán are unrecognisable, and the formulaic, muscular sides like Velez and Estudiantes look like dominating.
      I would so love River to keep losing, though, because next season, they would be fighting a relegation battle. Sorry Sam, but Racing fans need to get some amusement from somewhere. River winning tomorrow would actually help Racing in this years promedio, but part of me wants Gimnasia to embarrass them further…
      Hopefully Chaca and Tucumanos will go down direct, and Racing can squeak though la promo, as that’s where I’m certain we will be in May.. if we survive the direct relegation :-(

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