A qualification campaign to remember

Argentina’s 2010 World Cup qualification campaign isn’t likely be forgotten easily by anyone who followed it from beginning to end. For anyone who wants to read a little about the likely fallout from the decision to give the managerial job to a certified nutter, without (too much) mention of crotch-grabbing in press conferences, you can click here to read my latest piece for ESPN Soccernet. And there’s more, on the homepage of When Saturday Comes.
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2 thoughts on “A qualification campaign to remember

  1. I hope Maradona stays on as coach just so he can go back to the World Cup and tell Blatter to “keep sucking it”. I hope Maradona keeps being the stone in FIFA’s shoes, specifically that crook Blatter’s. I grow tired of FIFA and UEFA. Why doesn’t FIFA allow 2nd place finishers in UEFA Qual to play teams from CAF, CONCACAF and CONMEBOL? The a fore mentioned have to scrape for spots while dogcrap like Switz.,Slovakia and Serbia just cruise in. BS!

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