Superclásico Apertura 2009: the lineups

There’s a vital grudge match in England this afternoon as Liverpool host Manchester United in the Premier League, and also today Indian football hosts a less globally famous but no less passionate derby with Mohun Bagan taking on East Bengal. For a change, I’m not going to bill the superclásico as the world’s biggest derby of the day, because though the rivalry will be as heated as ever, both teams are pretty dreadful this season. If you’d like to see the starting elevens for River Plate vs Boca Juniors (kick off time 16:15 local, 19:15 GMT) though, they’re right here. Although try as I might, I’ve been unable to work out who’s going to be playing as an out-and-out striker for River.

River Plate (manager Leonardo Astrada):

D. Vega

P. Ferrari —- G. Cabral —- N. Sánchez —- C. Villagra

N. Domingo —- M. Almeyda —- M. Abelairas

A. Ortega —- M. Gallardo —- D. Buonanotte

Boca Juniors (manager Alfio Basile):

R. Abbondanzieri

H. Ibarra —- J.C. Cáceres —- G. Paletta —- F. Monzón

A. Rosada —- S. Battaglia —- F. Insúa

J.R. Riquelme

O. Gaitán —- M. Palermo

As usual, you’ll be able to follow the match through almost live text updates right here on HEGS from kick off.

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