Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 11 fixtures

Barely has the dust settled from the tenth round, so full of action that the superclásico was all but forgotten about by anyone reasonable, than the next round of matches is starting. It’s a big round for both Avellaneda clubs: Newell’s host Racing on Tuesday afternoon – for some reason Racing’s new manager, Lothar Matthäus (yes, really) isn’t arriving in the country until Wednesday, but more about that below – whilst leaders Colón visit Independiente on Wednesday in the first match to be played in the new Doble Visera. Estudiantes travel to Mendoza, Banfield travel to La Plata, and policemen the length and breadth of Buenos Aires will be packing their rubber bullets and heading for La Bombonera on Thursday. It’s the fixture the barras have been waiting for: Boca Juniors vs Chacarita Juniors.

All kick off times are local. Add three hours for Greenwich Mean Time / UCT.

Primera División Torneo Apertura 2009, eleventh round:
Newell’s Old Boys vs Racing Club (Tues, 17:00)
Atlético Tucumán vs Vélez Sársfield (Tues, 19:10)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs Estudiantes de La Plata (Tues, 21:15)
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata vs Banfield (Weds, 15:00)
San Lorenzo de Almagro vs Arsenal Fútbol Club (Weds, 17:10)
Huracán vs Rosario Central (Weds, 19:30)
Independiente vs Colón (Weds, 21:30)

Boca Juniors vs Chacarita Juniors (Thurs, 15:00)
Lanús vs Tigre (Thurs, 17:00)
Argentinos Juniors vs River Plate (Thurs, 21:10)

Matthäus, having denied on Saturday that he’d been in contact with any Argentine clubs, went back on that statement on Sunday and confirmed that he’s agreed in principle to take the manager’s job at Racing. Whether he’s aware that he could do an incredible job and they’ll still be in relegation trouble due to the Promedio is anyone’s guess. But then, it’s Lothar Matthäus – he’s not going to do an incredible job. He’s already turned down the chance to actually watch his new charges on Tuesday, by announcing that he’ll arrive in Buenos Aires on Wednesday. He’s also told the world that if his girlfriend doesn’t settle well in Buenos Aires, he’ll be back off to Europe like a flash.

What a pro. And what a staggeringly good footballing decision on the part of Racing’s board of directors to appoint him. No way they’ve done that in an attempt to try and grab headlines…

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11 thoughts on “Torneo Apertura 2009: Round 11 fixtures

  1. Just be careful to look for the right door.
    If you are coming in the 152 bus, Del Valle Iberlucea is the right path. Never try Brandsen, because that’s enemy territory and not even your kevlar jacket could protect you.
    Anyway, if you get caught I have a funebrero friend who eventually could help you (!!)

  2. Don’t people work in argentina……is everything about footy in that country (which i’ve got nothing against) just that they have afternoon kick offs during midweek ….how does that work i saw sum highlights of river v independiente the other day stadium looked packed but game kicked off 4 pm on a monday there must have been plenty of sicknotes flying about on that day!!!!!!!

    1. I think we all know that futbol is more important than work ! Thanks to Bostero Forever for the advise about attending the match at the Bombonera.

  3. Bostero Forever:

    I´ve going to la bombonera plenty of times through Brandsen and never experienced any problem what so ever. Or are you just talking about the game against Chaca?

    Nice to see San Lorenzo turn the game around tonight!

    1. Johan, I may be giving myself a little too much credit here but I read Johnny’s first question as a response to my comment in the blog post on the safety of this particular fixture – and as such I suspect Bostero Forever is talking about Thursday’s match specifically rather than entering via Brandsen generally. I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong!

  4. That’s right, HEGS, I was just joking with Johnny about taking the wrong turn on Thursday when Boca receives Chacarita, because in the corner of Del Valle Iberlucea and Bransen is the entrance for the visitant parciality to the Bombonera.

    1. On the tv tons of seats available ! The ticket situation for Boca is beyond any logic. So many tickets parceled out to tourist agencies and the barrabrava, many of them not used, and then zero left over at the stadium.

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