Apertura 2009: round 15 Friday goals

The lack of a single video featuring all the weekend’s goals last week meant that the round 14 goals post was a rather fragmented one. From now on, then, I’ll be posting each day’s goals the following afternoon or evening, when they’re online (I’ve been a bit slow this first time, I admit). This will: a) mean HEGS readers who aren’t confident enough with Spanish to navigate Argentine video sites are that little bit more up-to-date with the action (and that’s the ethos behind setting HEGS nearly three years ago, after all), and b) mean I’ve got ever so slightly less work to do after each round finishes. Everyone’s a winner. The goals from Estudiantes’ 3-1 win over Tigre, and Colón’s shock 3-0 defeat at the hands of Lanús can be seen right here.

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