Daniel Passarella is the new President of River Plate (and Torneo Apertura 2009 round 17 Saturday goals)

Following a controversial election which was ‘won’ by Rodolfo D’Onofrio by a margin of only two votes, a recount was held which went into the early hours of Sunday morning, and the result is in: Daniel Passarella, former player and manager, is the new president of Club Atlético River Plate, having won 5,298 votes to D’Onofrio’s 5,292. A second appeal has been lodged by D’Onofrio, and it’s still possible that on Thursday we’ll have to do it all again. But for now, El Kaiser is in charge. Got your head round that? Good. Then sit back and enjoy the goals from Saturday’s matches: Argentinos’ 2-1 win over San Lorenzo; Independiente’s win by the same score away to Boca, and Atlético Tucumán’s 2-0 shock win over Colón.

Argentinos (white with red) vs San Lorenzo (navy & red stripes)
Atlético Tucumán (sky blue & white stripes) vs Colón (red & black halves)
Boca (white & gold) vs Independiente (red)

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3 thoughts on “Daniel Passarella is the new President of River Plate (and Torneo Apertura 2009 round 17 Saturday goals)

  1. Congratulations to the Bostero Community!
    Not even Le Carre would have wrote so incredible plot.

    We have to wait more than a hundred years, but we’ve finnally accomplished to put a Bostero in the presidency of River Plate.

    1. Yes, hopefully Passerella’s childhood fantasies of playing for Boca will wield some unconscious power ! It is nice to see the end of Aguilar, for the benefit of futbol argentino.

  2. Now, jokes away, I’m glad Passarella is the new president of River.
    He was an old glory with the National Team, and I find good people from within the futbol came to be in the administration of clubs of futbol. Like Platini in France, or Beckenbauer in Germany, a good administration may proove perhaps that not so many burochrats that never kicked a ball in his life be needed for the management of this sport.

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