Torneo Apertura: the ten best goals

According to TN and ESPN, that is. Argentina’s a funny place. National news broadcaster TN decided this year to run a ‘ Ten Best Goals Of The Apertura’ feature, which their website says is, ‘inspired by the Puskás Award [FIFA’s new “best goal of the year” gong].’ It’s as if this weren’t an idea the rest of the planet has been doing for absolutely bloody years. Anyway. Ariel Ortega’s opening-weekend lob, Martín Palermo’s forty-yard header, Darío Gandín christening Independiente’s new ground with a solo effort, Seba Verón leathering it from miles out… all these and more are right here.

Anyway, what individual goal videos being a) not too easy to find on the internet (not for every single goal, anyway) and b) meaning an awful lot work for me in my evenings if I picked them all myself, I thought I’d go with this option instead. So first of all, if you click this link here, you’ll be whisked away (via a new tab) to the TN website, where you can watch their collection of their ten favourite goals from the Torneo Apertura. In their infinite wisdom, they’ve decided to make the cut-off point before the last weekend of the championship.

And if you prefer your golazos without having to click a link, you can see ESPN’s pick of the bunch right here, because they’ve been put up on YouTube, allowing me to embed their video. There’s a lot of overlap between these two as you’d expect, with only one or two of the goals differing, for which reason I’m not putting up a running order for the TN video – because the ESPN one here includes captions so you can see who’s scoring.

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