Diego Buonanotte in intensive care

Buonanotte's father's car after the crash. The player was saved by his seatbelt

First of all, Merry Christmas to all HEGS readers. I’m a day late but I gave myself the day off yesterday. Hope you don’t mind. River Plate star Diego Buonanotte didn’t have such a good time, sadly. At 6:45 this morning, he was driving three friends back from a nightclub in Teodolina (his hometown in Santa Fe Province) when he lost control of his father’s car – news reports suggest recent torrential rain could have contributed to this – and left the road, crashing into a tree. His three friends were killed. As the River star, wanted by Atlético de Madrid and at least one English Premier League club, he’s in intensive care with multiple trauma injuries, but his condition is not life-threatening.

Gerardo Suñé, Alexis Fulcheri and Emanuel Melo were Buonanotte’s friends who were killed after the impact with the tree. According to Eduardo Allegrini, the director of the hospital Buonanotte is currently in, ‘None of his vital functions are compromised,’ although he’s known to have taken a very nasty impact on at least one of his lungs among other injuries. According to Olé, Buonanotte was the only survivor due to the fact that he was wearing his seatbelt.

The player has suffered breaks to his clavicle and humerus, but for now it’s the blow to his lung that’s seen as the biggest danger. He had plans to accompany his three friends to Brazil on holiday for the summer, prior to either staying with River or – more probably given the club’s financial state – leaving for Europe in the new year. Now, of course, that won’t happen. One relative remarked, ‘Diego is a kid with a very ordered life… what does it matter now if he’s going to be two, three or four months without playing?’ What indeed.

HEGS will keep you updated with Buonanotte’s situation in the coming days, of course. And if you’re an Argentine visitor here, please, for the love of God break the habit of your nation and wear your seatbelt next time you’re in the car.

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3 thoughts on “Diego Buonanotte in intensive care

  1. Looking at the picture of the car, even with the seat belt on he’s lucky to be alive. Sad news for all of futbol, in my opinion. Buonanotte was a pleasure to watch, even when he was playing against Newell’s, or whatever team your a fan of.

    That said, I hope he has a speedy recovery, and that the trauma of being in such an accident doesn’t adversely effect his career, and his life.

  2. A sad incident during this festive moment. Our prayers and thought goes out to the family of Buonanotte’s three friends. Speedy recovery to him as well.

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