2010 Torneo Clausura: the fixtures in full

The fixtures for the 2010 Torneo Clausura have been available on the AFA’s website for a couple of weeks, but now the Apertura is well over and there’s precious little else going on, it seems an appropriate time to post them up in English here. All the dates given correspond to the Sunday of each round (Wednesday in the case of midweek rounds, which are indicated), and I’ve highlighted the clásicos in red as usual.

Primera División 2010 Torneo Clausura

Round 1 (31st January)
Newell’s Old Boys vs Independiente
Lanús vs Huracán
Argentinos Juniors vs Boca Juniors
Tigre vs Chacarita Juniors
River Plate vs Banfield
Racing Club vs Rosario Central
Vélez Sársfield vs Colón
Estudiantes de La Plata vs Arsenal Fútbol Club
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata
Atlético Tucumán vs San Lorenzo de Almagro

Round 2 (Weds 3rd February)
Colón vs Racing
Central vs Tigre
Chacarita vs River
Banfield vs Argentinos
Boca vs Lanús
Huracán vs Newell’s
Independiente vs Atlético Tucumán
San Lorenzo vs Godoy Cruz
Gimnasia L.P. vs Estudiantes
Arsenal vs Vélez

Round 3 (7th February)
Godoy Cruz vs Independiente
Atlético Tucumán vs Huracán
Newell’s vs Boca
Lanús vs Argentinos
Chacarita vs Banfield
River vs Central
Tigre vs Colón
Racing vs Arsenal
Vélez vs Gimnasia L.P.
Estudiantes vs San Lorenzo

Round 4 (14th February)
Gimnasia L.P. vs Racing
Arsenal vs Tigre
Colón vs River
Central vs Chacarita
Banfield vs Lanús
Argentinos vs Newell’s
Boca vs Atlético Tucumán
Huracán vs Godoy Cruz
Independiente vs Estudiantes
San Lorenzo vs Vélez

Round 5 (21st February)
Vélez vs Independiente
Estudiantes vs Huracán
Godoy Cruz vs Boca
Atlético Tucumán vs Argentinos
Newell’s vs Lanús
Banfield vs Central
Chacarita vs Colón
River vs Arsenal
Tigre vs Gimnasia L.P.
Racing vs San Lorenzo

Round 6 (28th February)
Independiente vs Racing
San Lorenzo vs Tigre
Gimnasia L.P. vs River
Arsenal vs Chacarita
Newell’s vs Banfield
Colón vs Central
Lanús vs Atlético Tucumán
Argentinos vs Godoy Cruz
Boca vs Estudiantes
Huracán vs Vélez

Round 7 (Weds 3rd March)
Tigre vs Independiente
Racing vs Huracán
Vélez vs Boca
Estudiantes vs Argentinos
Godoy Cruz vs Lanús
Atlético Tucumán vs Newell’s
Banfield vs Colón
Central vs Arsenal
Chacarita vs Gimnasia L.P.
River vs San Lorenzo

Round 8 (7th March)
Boca vs Racing
Huracán vs Tigre
Independiente vs River
San Lorenzo vs Chacarita
Atlético Tucumán vs Banfield
Gimnasia L.P. vs Central
Arsenal vs Colón
Newell’s vs Godoy Cruz
Lanús vs Estudiantes
Argentinos vs Vélez

Round 9 (14th March)
Chacarita vs Independiente
River vs Huracán
Tigre vs Boca
Racing vs Argentinos
Vélez vs Lanús
Estudiantes vs Newell’s
Godoy Cruz vs Atlético Tucumán
Banfield vs Arsenal
Colón vs Gimnasia L.P.
Central vs San Lorenzo

Round 10 (21st March)
Lanús vs Racing
Argentinos vs Tigre
Boca vs River
Huracán vs Chacarita
Godoy Cruz vs Banfield
Independiente vs Central
San Lorenzo vs Colón
Gimnasia L.P. vs Arsenal
Atlético Tucumán vs Estudiantes
Newell’s vs Vélez

Round 11 (28th March)
Colón vs Independiente
Central vs Huracán
Chacarita vs Boca
River vs Argentinos
Tigre vs Lanús
Racing vs Newell’s
Vélez vs Atlético Tucumán
Estudiantes vs Godoy Cruz
Banfield vs Gimnasia L.P.
Arsenal vs San Lorenzo

Round 12 (4th April)
Atlético Tucumán vs Racing
Newell’s vs Tigre
Lanús vs River
Argentinos vs Chacarita
Estudiantes vs Banfield
Boca vs Central
Huracán vs Colón
Independiente vs Arsenal
San Lorenzo vs Gimnasia L.P.
Godoy Cruz vs Vélez

Round 13 (Weds 7th April)
Gimnasia L.P. vs Independiente
Arsenal vs Huracán
Colón vs Boca
Central vs Argentinos
Chacarita vs Lanús
River vs Newell’s
Tigre vs Atlético Tucumán
Racing vs Godoy Cruz
Vélez vs Estudiantes
Banfield vs San Lorenzo

Round 14 (11th April)
Estudiantes vs Racing
Godoy Cruz vs Tigre
Atlético Tucumán vs River
Newell’s vs Chacarita
Vélez vs Banfield
Lanus vs Central
Argentinos vs Colón
Boca vs Arsenal
Huracán vs Gimnasia L.P.
Independiente vs San Lorenzo

Round 15 (18th April)
Banfield vs Independiente
San Lorenzo vs Huracán
Gimnasia L.P. vs Boca
Arsenal vs Argentinos
Colón vs Lanús
Central vs Newell’s
Chacarita vs Atlético Tucumán
River vs Godoy Cruz
Tigre vs Estudiantes
Racing vs Vélez

Round 16 (25th April)
Huracán vs Independiente
Vélez vs Tigre
Estudiantes vs River
Godoy Cruz vs Chacarita
Racing vs Banfield
Atlético Tucumán vs Central
Newell’s vs Colón
Lanús vs Arsenal
Argentinos vs Gimnasia L.P.
Boca vs San Lorenzo

Round 17 (2nd May)
Tigre vs Racing
Banfield vs Huracán
Independiente vs Boca
San Lorenzo vs Argentinos
Gimnasia L.P. vs Lanús
Arsenal vs Newell’s
Colón vs Atlético Tucumán
Central vs Godoy Cruz
Chacarita vs Estudiantes
River vs Vélez

Round 18 (9th May)
Argentinos vs Independiente
Boca vs Huracán
Racing vs River
Vélez vs Chacarita
Tigre vs Banfield
Estudiantes vs Central
Godoy Cruz vs Colón
Atlético Tucumán vs Arsenal
Newell’s vs Gimnasia L.P.
Lanús vs San Lorenzo

Round 19 (16th May)
Chacarita vs Racing
River vs Tigre
Banfield vs Boca
Huracán vs Argentinos
Independiente vs Lanús
San Lorenzo vs Newell’s
Gimnasia L.P. vs Atlético Tucumán
Arsenal vs Godoy Cruz
Colón vs Estudiantes
Central vs Vélez

The fixtures for the Torneos de Verano will be posted in the next few days. Fixtures above in red are clásicos, those in orange are what Football Manager players will know as ‘lesser rivalries’, and those in blue are matches which, as of the start of the Clausura, ought to be relegation struggles.

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