Real big transfer rumours

First, for all those who are as big on detail as myself, I apologise for that headline, because there’s nothing I hate more than English speakers referring to the world’s most modest, understated football club as ‘Real’. But why let that get in the way of a not especially good headline? Real Madrid might be set to lose two Argentine stars in the next six months or so. Or rather, one Argentine star, and Fernando Gago. Boca Juniors want to repatriate their former prodigy, who’s struggling for time on the pitch at the Bernabéu with the World Cup approaching, whilst Marca claim that Arsene Wenger wants to take Gonzalo Higuaín to Ashburton, in return for some money plus Arsenal captain Cesc Fàbregas…

Being a person who watches football and has a working pair of eyes and a brain, Wenger has been impressed with Higuaín’s performances for Madrid over the last season-and-a-half. Knowing that Madrid aren’t entirely happy with the fact that a player who didn’t cost them their training ground to sign is topping their scoring charts, he’ s hopeful of being able to do business after the World Cup. Madrid, of course, aren’t going to let him move cheaply, and want around €35 million for him. Marca, though, have an alternative – a swap deal involving Fàbregas, who’s a long-time target of the Madrid marketing men. Watch this space…

Meanwhile, Fernando Gago hasn’t been lighting up the white half of the Spanish capital quite as much. He’s been struggling for form and time since his move to Spain, and in a World Cup year he’s eager just to get on a pitch and remind the world what he can do. Selección manager Diego Maradona’s a fan, but has warned him plenty of times recently that he needs to buck his game up, and a move to Boca is now a very real possibility. Boca are looking for a number 5 to replace Sebastián Battaglia, who’s due for surgery on a knee injury this week. Offers for Mario Bolatti (complicated by his return to Porto after spending the last year on loan in Parque Patricios) and Argentinos’ Juan Mercier are already on the table, but formal contact has already been established with Gago’s people too. Again: watch this space.

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8 thoughts on “Real big transfer rumours

  1. Interesting developments to be sure and if Arsenal is eventually going to lose Fabregas anyway, why not get Higuain in return ? I hope it works out. The fewer Argentines playing for Unreal Madrid the better. Which brings us to Gago. If I had a dollar for every ex Boca player supposedly heading back to Buenos Aires soon, I’d have more than a few dollars. Gago, Cata Diaz, Jesus Datolo and more that I can’t seem to dredge up right now. It could happen that one or more of these fellows could be soon smelling the Riachuelo once again, but alot of this is likely player agents with their incessant drumbeat of bullshit(or a Bianchi pipedream or a Bianchi “I’m trying as hard as I can, Coco !!!). Or maybe not. Vamos a ver. Personally I would to see them all back with Boca, at the right price, and IF they are adequately motivated after having been starstruck by grand ‘ol Europe.

  2. gago is shite. always said it. what a waste of 20 million euro. what does he offer. you cant have 2 central midfielders in a team that will not score goals or contribute to the attack ie him and mascherano.

  3. Hi Murt. I think we are talking apples and oranges here. I agree that Gago’s form with the NT has been poor recently, and yes, he doesn’t add much offensively. Then again, if we are to judge players by their performances for the NT, there aren’t many of them that shine. But I like Gago when his role is spelled out for a club and he knows what is expected from him. He was a definite asset at Boca and he didn’t play too badly at Real Madrid early on. For me, he would be very welcome back at Boca, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. Gago – when he played in midfield alongside Roman and Mascherano at the Olympics – looked a class act. Precise in the tackle, good variety of passing and full of running. Back when he played with Battaglia at Boca I always liked his game too.
    But Madrid just eats players and there are too many competing for too few places. Hes not as good as Alonso – though I rate him higher than Lassana Diarra – and his form has been patchy throughout his time there. The rumours linking him with a move to Serie A were promising, I think the pace of the Italian game would be perfect for him, but a return to BA would probably benefit both Gago and Boca..

  5. Well, we could just settle on the secondary definition of Real as “Royal” and ignore all that double entendre headline business :)

    Excellent points – Gago needs playing time and Real needs to turn some profits on other players. Sadly, I love Higuain despite being a gallina but his time at the Bernabeu will give us an insight into the Pellegrini-Perez dynamic.

  6. When’s the last time Arsenal signed an established player from a club bigger than them? You could say Henry from Juventus, but he was far from established there. It’s not really Wenger’s style, is it?

  7. Gago played for Madrid over the weekend and he was the best I’ve seen him in ages – easily their best player on the night. More aggressive than usual, working really hard & always using the ball well, he was obviously sending a message to somebody…

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