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If you’re an eagle-eyed regular reader of HEGS, you may recall at some point during the last week a comment being made about dodgy Argentine NGOs trying to help secure funding for certain barra brava gangs to travel to the World Cup in South Africa to support the national side in June. Now, if you have access to the superb UK magazine When Saturday Comes, you can read more about that. Issue 276 is in the shops now, and for the first time you can click the WSC website for full information on it. Those of you who get it, enjoy the article and, indeed, the rest of the magazine.

You can now follow HEGS on Twitter (including updates during and between league matches and similar stories that might not go up on the site until later). I’ll keep mentioning this until I’m happy with the number of followers I’ve got, so save yourselves the misery and do it now.

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One thought on “New year reading matter

  1. Good work, bought myself a copy of WSC and enjoyed your article :-)

    Though it does seem a bit weird to say if you behave, we’ll help you go to South Africa where you can cause as much ruckus as you want!

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