Copa Libertadores 2010: Colón 3 – 2 Universidad Católica – the goals

Facundo Bertolgio's underneath them somewhere, celebrating a wonderful goal

Oh yes, competitive football is finally back! The first meaningful match of the new decade on Argentine soil took place in El Cementerio de Los Elefantes on Tuesday night, as Colón hosted Universidad Católica of Chile in the first leg of the Copa Libertadores qualifying stage, and it was a humdinger. Colón won, but Antonio Mohamed won’t be able to tell his charges to relax just yet, because the Chileans got two away goals to keep the tie very much alive when the teams reconvene in Santiago on the 9th February. The pick of the goals was Colón’s third, scored by Facundo Bertoglio, and you can watch that and the four others right here.

Colón took the lead very early on through Federico Nieto, but the Juan José Morales, the former San Martín de San Juan forward – and also a former Colón player – scored against his one-time employers to level the scores. He was to get another in the second half, but not before the match, if not the tie, was effectively sealed for the hosts by Esteban Fuertes and a magnificent solo effort from Bertoglio.

Colón (Nieto 5; Fuertes 66; Bertoglio 68) 3 – 2 Universidad Católica (CHI) (Morales 34, 80)

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