Another elephant falls

Esteban Fuertes celebrates Colón's equaliser with his team-mates

Well, perhaps not quite an elephant. But Racing Club were on a high following their opening weekend win over Rosario Central, and on Tuesday night they took the lead but ended up dead and buried thanks to a comeback from Colón to win 2-1 in El Cementerio de Los Elefantes. Juan Carlos Falcón put the visitors ahead after 13 minutes but Esteban Fuertes equalised before half time and Juan Manuel Lucero got what proved to be the winner shortly after the break. Elsewhere on Tuesday, Tigre got a 1-0 win away to Central, and Vélez Sársfield beat Arsenal 3-0 in Sarandí. You can watch the goals from those latter two matches right here, right now.

Rosario Central 0 – 1 Tigre

Arsenal Fútbol Club 0 – 3 Vélez Sársfield

I’ll have the goals for Racing vs Colón online on Wednesday night – they’re not yet available as I type this.

You can follow the Clausura and the Argentine sides in the 2010 Copa Libertadores via HEGS on Twitter (including updates during and between matches and similar stories that might not go up on the site until later). I’m slowly gaining followers, but if you’ve not signed up yet you can do so here.

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7 thoughts on “Another elephant falls

    1. Those are on the last 2 minutes of all the TV Pública videos on YouTube, for reasons I can’t work out. I’m sticking with those videos though, mainly because they tend to be very good picture quality and uploaded fairly shortly after the games, on account of being official videos.

      Also, it’s evident from looking at the view counts that virtually no-one looks at anything TVPublicaArgentina uploads to YouTube. Going on the view count before and after my video posts go up I’m prepared to bet that HEGS accounts for a significant proportion of their views!

  1. Good evening!
    Haven’t been here for ages and ages due to various problems, but none of them lack of interest, even though I missed a huge chunk of the second half of the Apertura. :-(
    In fact, the only thing I remember about the last 3 months is downloading a video of Racing beating Banfield… so Racing are the champions, then? ;-)

    Hello Sam (just accepted your request on FB and will e-mail shortly), hola Seba and greetings to all HEGS fans.

    Saw last night’s game… I wasn’t able to see the first game, but was excited by news of the win and our new exciting forward line – at last rid of that lumbering failure Ramirez. So I expected a little more last night than having to hope Aveldano could lob the keeper from miles out to try and get an equalizer… but never mind, I feel a little more optimistic for Racing in this tournament, I like Claudio Vivas, and the new signings, especially Lucas Licht.
    Currently watching El Clásico Platense… I know it’s tough at the bottom, but I can’t bring myself to cheer for Estudiantes in this game. I’m hoping Chaca and Godoy Cruz down, Central y Tucumán a la promo. And I cheered Straqua’s gol… hope I don’t regret that in May.
    Nice to be back. :-)

  2. What a fantastic second half! That is what football is all about. I think only England and Argentina can do derby/clásico matches like that. Even if the quality isn’t the best, the sheer drama keeps you hooked. On the blurry stream and little screen, I thought Enzo Pérez had scored, and then what a fantastic save by Sessa. That game will be talked about in La Plata for years, maybe even as much as the Franco Neill game vs Rafaela.

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