Colón 2 – 1 Racing (Tuesday night) goals

Wednesday night’s goals aren’t yet online as I type (in midweek and typing from England it’s a little too late for me to wait for that I’m afraid), but here are the goals from last night’s 2-1 victory for Colón over Racing. It’s a video worth watching solely for Juan Carlos Falcón’s opener for the visitors, although you’ll also be left wondering what the bloody hell Diego Pozo – an international goalkeeper under Diego Maradona! – is doing for it.

Colón 2 – 1 Racing Club

Goals for Wednesday night’s games aren’t yet up on TVPublicaArgentina’s YouTube channel, but they’ll be posted on Thursday evening, rest assured. If you’d rather not hang about, you’ll find their channel here.

You can follow the Clausura and the Argentine sides in the 2010 Copa Libertadores via HEGS on Twitter (including updates during and between matches and similar stories that might not go up on the site until later). I’m slowly gaining followers, but if you’ve not signed up yet you can do so here.

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