A special request

Now and then something happens in the world of football which transcends national boundaries, and thus it is that I’m making the first (and perhaps only) ever post on HEGS which has nothing to do with Argentina. As readers will all be aware the Togo team on their way to this year’s Africa Cup of Nations were machine-gunned before the start of the tournament. As you may or may not be aware, the CAF (African Football Confederation) has taken the decision to punish the Togolese federation for withdrawing their players from the tournament. Technically, the withdrawal was against the rules – the Togolese government had suggested it and government interference isn’t allowed by FIFA statutes. But in this case it’s surely understandable. And do FIFA seriously believe, let’s say, that the North Korean football federation (whose team will be at the World Cup in South Africa this year) are free of government influence? If you like me think this is a ridiculous and grossly unfair fine, please take ten seconds to sign this petition. And tell as many of your friends as will listen.

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