Torneo Clausura 2010: round 4 Saturday goals

James Rodríguez celebrates another goal for Banfield

Saturday saw the clásico del Sur won by champions Banfield, who got an easy 2-0 victory at home over a Lanús who offered little or nothing in the way of inventive football, to put an end to an ignominious week for the Granate. Colombian James Rodríguez scored a real golazo for Banfield to put the seal on the win in stoppage time, after Lanús had two men sent off in the second half. Huracán and Godoy Cruz drew in Parque Patricios after the home side’s stadium was broken into on Friday morning and all their boots stolen, and in a potentially critical relegation clash Gimnasia La Plata got a 1-0 win at home to Racing. You can watch highlights from all three games right here, as well as a few from the B Nacional.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2010

Banfield 2 – 0 Lanús

Huracán o – 0 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba

Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata 1 – 0 Racing Club

Nacional B 2009-2010, 22nd round

Aldosivi de Mar del Plata 0 – 1 Quilmes

Platense 2 – 0 All Boys

Ferrocarril Oeste 1 – 2 Sportivo Italiano

CAI Comodoro Rivadavia 1 – 1 Instituto de Córdoba

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2 thoughts on “Torneo Clausura 2010: round 4 Saturday goals

  1. Hmm, an up and down weekend so far. I was leaping around the room at ten past midnight when Chacarita got that equaliser at Rosario, for the draw that doesn’t make our defeat SO bad. Except that Ayala still isn’t with it properly yet. Nice to see the name Zuculini in the team sheet – I thought he’d gone to Hoffenheim in Franco’s deal? Wish ‘Cholito’ would come back actually, he doesn’t seem to be a sensation at Hoffenheim. I was flicking through the sat channels the other night and a Cup tie between Bremen and Hoffenheim was about to start, but Zucu wasn’t in the line-up so I didn’t bother watching.

    Nice to see attacking football at Huracán again, how on earth did they not win that game?

    Lanús’ days as a force seem to be over, it’s really sad that a team who were such a good advert for fútbol argentino now resort to outright violence in their matches. :-( Castillejos reckoned he had been elbowed earlier, but his ‘tackle’ was more like WWF than football. As for James Rodríguez, what a golazo!! I’m not keen on Banfield – or more specifically, not keen on Lucchetti – but that goal was special football.

    I found the Platense highlights interesting because I’ve had to take that job after being sacked by Racing in Football Manager 2009! So I know Zunino’s a very good left back, lol. But as it’s FM09, De Federico and Pastore aren’t famous yet, so I’ve signed them on loan but they’re rubbish! I tried to get Cappa to become my assistant and train them up, but mystifyingly, he refused…

  2. Sunday, 2100… trying to watch Independiente-Estudiantes on Justin. Barcelona and Inter have games on right now too, so the site is moving so slowly, it’s unwatchable. I get 1 second bursts and 30 seconds of freezing. I’m wondering, if so many people are on this at the same time, is *anybody* able to actually watch *anything*? I think I’ll give up and check back when Colón-River is on…

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