Likely Argentina team vs Germany

In a few short hours, Argentina take on Germany in one the highest-profile international friendlies of the week, in Munich. With Diego Maradona claiming he already knows the vast majority of the squad he’s taking to South Africa, the match is likely to give us some clue as to his thinking, if indeed that isn’t stretching the term ‘thinking’ to the very limit of its definition. The starting XI is not, at the time of typing this, known. From the training sessions and whispers coming out of the camp, though, it seems likely to be as outlined here, or very close to it.

Likely Argentina starting XI vs Germany, Weds 3rd March 2010, Munich (manager: Diego Maradona)

S. Romero

N. Otamendi —- M. Demichelis —- W. Samuel —- G. Heinze

J. Gutiérrez —- J. Mascherano (c) —- J.S. Verón —- A. Di María

L. Messi —- G. Higuaín

With the exception of Walter Samuel being introduced in place of Rolando Schiavi, that’s the same lineup which started the final World Cup qualifier away to Uruguay. That match, I thought at the time (and I didn’t seem to be the only one) bore the hallmark of Carlos Bilardo’s tactics as much as Maradona’s. As such it’ll be interesting to see – if indeed we can see, in a non competitive match – what approach Argentina take to the game. Nico Burdisso or Clemente Rodríguez could just as likely feature at right back, but otherwise the Argentine press expect the above to be, more or less, the team that starts tonight.

For my part, I’d sooner see Pablo Aimar in central midfield than Verón, who much as I still enjoy watching him slows down the side’s play rather too much these days. Giving Jesús Dátolo a start ahead of second division player Jonás might be worth a go too, and this being a friendly, why not give Javier Pastore the chance to show what he might be capable of on his first call up since his move to Europe? But then, Diego Maradona’s the manager, so he knows more than me.

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3 thoughts on “Likely Argentina team vs Germany

  1. Yes indeed, a lineup almost identical to the Uruguay match, and too bad for Argentina. Maradona seems to have fallen in love with this conservative lineup. Four centrebacks and no Aimar, or even Ever Banega to link up with the firepower. Mind boggling. Yes, Argentina won the match against Uruguay due to a lucky garbage goal near the end of the match. Otherwise, they were impotent offensively, with laughable counterattacks, and Messi and Higuain could have been sippin’ tea in lounge chairs for as much as they were involved.

  2. This lineup is better than some of the ones maradonnas has put out but jonas and hienze need to not be in our lineup anymore, id love to see datolo on the wing he was the only player in the last brazil game that even did anything, also the way that tevez is playing right now i’d love to see him get implemented in the line up some how as well, not sure exactly because higuain and messi are also in good form. We will see

  3. They need to play with a 4-3-3, Argentina has so many good center mids and forwards. Tevez Higuain and Messi together on the attack would be incredible

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