Clausura 2010: round 9 Saturday goals

Saturday’s matches in the ninth round of the 2010 Torneo Clausura saw Independiente return to the top of the table after Godoy Cruz took the overnight lead, Estudiantes beat Newell’s thanks to goals from Roselli and Boselli (the first of whom was playing for the visitors but scored in his own net), and then two draws – the first 1-1 between Colón and Gimnasia, the second a o-0 between champions Banfield and Arsenal de Sarandí. You can watch all the goals right here.

Chacarita Juniors 0 – 1 Independiente

Estudiantes de La Plata 2 – 0 Newell’s Old Boys

Colón 1 – 1 Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata

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13 thoughts on “Clausura 2010: round 9 Saturday goals

  1. Almost makes me want to join Twitter, to join in these exciting conversations. Almost, but not quite. ;-)

    I’ve just about recovered my composure after the absolute sickener of Central’s late goal. Minutes before Bottinelli went, Central should’ve gone down to ten when Caraglio swiped his left arm at Rivero’s head right in front of Pittana.

    Anyway, haven’t seen the first half of Tigre-Boca, but would love to think Tigre can have a shot at the title, only six points off the leading team. But I doubt it. :-(
    I’ve got to be up at 7.30 tomorrow for work but I can’t go to bed wondering if Racing can get out of La Promo again… more coffee.

  2. Tigre have got two really good youngsters – Bottini and now Brian Rodriguez. Impressive.

    More dead-eye finishing from Viatri for Boca ;-)

  3. Pass the sickbag.

    Was that a penalty or did he think it was a backpass?

    How bad is it to have to hope Independiente win next week?

    I hate football.

  4. I find it comical that Boca are playing Luiz Alberto to solve their defensive woes. The same guy who was so bad at Fluminense last season that he got usurped by a rookie teenager, who went on to do a far better job than him. Play Munoz for Christ’s sake – at least he has some potential.

    River haven’t been much better this year, but I can see them stuffing Boca next week.

    1. My thoughts exactly about Alberto and Munoz. Keeping Caceres probably would have been good for at least two additional victories to this point.

      You have to wonder what the thinking is at Boca these days. Who’s in charge of personnel decisions ? How much of what Alves decides is actually management directed ? The starting eleven and alot of the substitutions have been very hard to figure. Paletta was horrible a few weeks ago, but could he be any worse than Alberto ? Same for Munoz. Why isn’t Insua getting more time ? Can’t go 90 ? I don’t know. At fullback, it seems Ibarra is no longer part of the team, which is OK with me, but Monzon is a waste of time in my book and Morel seems thinly motivated. Why not a little time for Krupoviesa ? I suppose he is a defensive liability, but near the end of a match when Boca is behind, he is a big upgrade over either Morel or Monzon.

      Oops, better stop ! I could go on and on. Suffice to say, Boca is in shambles at the moment from top to bottom, and you have to wonder how many people in management have a clue.

  5. Agreed with many of those posing questions, which could, like you say, go on and on. One I’d add in there regarding Ibarra would be as to why Gunino hasn’t been given a shot at full-back. Another talented kid who, surely, couldn’t do much worse than those playing in front of him.

    I think one of the obvious problems at Boca right now is that the coaching is poor. Boca do actually have some good elder players and some great youngsters coming through, but it seems apparent to me that they are being coached poorly. And then when the (wrong) players are being sent on to the pitch, they’re not being instructed the right things to do.

    It would take a firm hand to sort it all out to be honest.

  6. I’d vouch for both Gunino and Bonilla out there in the back.

    anyways… Colon: it’s deja vu all over again, strong beginning like last year and now fading badly… firing blanks all of a sudden?

    El Tomba has a tough schedule coming up. Banfield, Estudiantes, Velez. HA that’s 3rd through 5th right there. sink or swim? Or are they going to get lucky (?) and play against b-sides? You’d think the point gap is so close between them that they’d risk the titulares, no?

    1. Estudiantes are the only one of those three with a Copa fixture immediately after their match with Godoy Cruz, so my guess is that both Banfield and Velez will field full strength sides.

      Good news for Racing, Lanús have a Copa fixture on March 24. Only hope we’ve got really.

    2. Mike, don’t you believe it. Banfield have made no secret of the fact they’re prioritising the Copa over a title defence, so the point gap doesn’t necessarily mean a lot. As Matthew says though, Estudiantes may well turn out to be the only side fielding mostly kids against Godoy. Estudiantes’ kids can be very good, or just sometimes very bad. So we’ll have to wait and see…

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