A note on comments

Nothing to do with football this one, but it needs saying. Not many people comment here on HEGS – I love you all whether you do or not – but lately WordPress’s spam filter has slipped from being highly (sometimes too) effective to being as much use as a chocolate fireguard, although that being said it’s still blocking around twenty times the amount of crap it lets through. To combat this, from now on your comment will be held for moderation unless you’ve had a previous comment allowed on here. For most who comment this should mean everything carries on as normal, but hopefully it’ll cut down the spambots. One other thing – posts older than two weeks will henceforth be automatically closed for comment (a lot of the spam that’s been getting through has been on very old posts, for some reason).

4 thoughts on “A note on comments

  1. the older posts are the ones most likely to be indexed by page spiders. if you can set it to close the pages older than ten days that would be ideal. if it takes someone more than ten days to discover your article then it’s their own darn fault for not looking earlier lol. same thing happened to my failed personal blogspot

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