Boca Juniors vs River Plate, 21st March 2010: (almost) live updates

Tradition dictates that my internet connection will crash at least once, probably around halfway through the first half, so do bear with me. Anyone watching or unable to watch the first league superclásico of 2010 is welcome to join us here for up-to-the-five-minutes-or-so reaction to Boca Juniors vs River Plate. Just open this post, and periodically refresh your browser (it won’t update automatically). In a break with previous years I’m going to run the most recent updates at the top this time, so you don’t have to keep scrolling down.


Match suspended due to rain after ten minutes

10 mins: Following that comical moment, Héctor Baldassi’s grabbed the ball and seems to be discussing the captains (Hugo Ibarra for Boca, Marcelo Gallardo for River) the possibility that the game should be suspended…

9 mins: Gallardo goes in on Nico Gaitán and Boca have a freee kick in their own half. It’s played up to Riquelme just outside the box, but he’s tackled by a puddle and River clear.

7 mins: River are trying to stroke it around but the ball’s sticking in the water for both sides. In addition, the rain’s making it quite hard to make out some parts of the pitch through the raindrops on the TV camera. Last match at La Bombonera I can remember which was this difficult to watch was the 2007 Copa Libertadores semi against Cúcuta…

4 mins: Boca are kicking right to left on the TV screen and have a free kick early on as Gustavo Cabral flattens (and drenches) Martín Palermo. A bit of a wait as bunting has to be cleared from the net of River ‘keeper Daniel Vega’s goal…

AND THEY’RE OFF! Match underway at 15:10, with Boca having the very early kicks. The pitch really is in an absolutely desperate condition.

Under a Biblical deluge, the match is about to get underway at 15:05 local time. The players are kicking about on the pitch and referee Héctor Baldassi has ordered the goal lines to be repainted, having earlier suggested that if the rain remained as heavy as it was at midday, the match would have to be suspended.

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19 thoughts on “Boca Juniors vs River Plate, 21st March 2010: (almost) live updates

  1. This is ridiculous – the ball can hardly bounce in some places. Can I bet in play that this will be abandoned?

  2. Well, the match has started so to speak. A fine mess. The pitch is close to unplayable due to a hard rain since mid morning. They really should postpone this match, but I am sure that would be an unpopular decision for many.

  3. Well, they could play it on one of the dates set aside for the Copa Libertadores, it’s not as if they’ve anything else on…

  4. To think yesterday’s matches were played in bright sunshine! On the plus side, I was expecting to be snowed under with updates for the next two hours and I’ve now got an early evening free. But I was so proud of myself for hooking the laptop up to the TV so I didn’t have everything crammed onto one screen!

    1. ha ha, take a picture of this setup and put it up on Twitter or something, to show your technical expertise.

      1. Oh it’s just one HDMI cable running from the laptop to the TV, which I’ve used (at the press of a button) to set the TV up as a second monitor. On the plus side, since it’s likely to be on quite a high quality stream, I might treat myself and watch Barcelona like this in half an hour… doesn’t look like Independiente vs Central is on anyway.

  5. It’s a good job he stopped it before anyone scored a goal. I remember that Huracán-CASLA match, Huracán had taken the lead but then lost a man, giving San Lorenzo weeks to plan the rest of the match against ten men and completely altering the dynamics of it all. Not surprisingly, San Lorenzo won easily when the remaining time was played, but it was a travesty.

    Nothing lost for anyone here, except Palermo’s opportunity to get his record against River.

  6. Argentinos-Newell’s, Chaca-Arsenal, Velez-Huracan, now this, Al Gore could put together quite a football video in support of his theories on climate change.

  7. Joel Richards sorry, I’m simultaneously reading a story about Senator John Edwards in a paper, not really the sort of person you’d want to get confused with so sorry Joel…

  8. And rescheduled for Wednesday night 8pm UK Time, the same time as City v Everton… too bad for Boca fans who follow Carlos Tévez.
    Don’t mind if I don’t join you on Wednesday then. ;-)

    1. Yeah, I know. It’s what was said at first though. The government have now apparently ‘suggested’ to the AFA that they move it to Thursday instead, which would suit me better! (Hopefully they’ll put it on a bit later than 5pm though.)

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