Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 10 scores and scorers

Following the farcical attempt to play the superclásico in front of the world’s television cameras, it seems that all would’ve been fine had it been moved to Avellaneda; scarcely four miles away from La Bombonera, the Estadio Libertadores de América saw Independiente claim a 2-0 win over Rosario Central which ensures they remain ensconced at the top of the table. Godoy Cruz kept up the pressure with a 2-0 win of their own over champions Banfield, one of whose young fans tragically died in a traffic accident on the motorway between Buenos Aires and Mendoza on the way to the match. The super has been rescheduled for Thursday afternoon, after someone in the government pointed out the AFA that Wednesday was a public holiday. The goals from the Sunday matches that did go ahead are right here, as are all the weekend’s scores.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2010, tenth round:
Huracán (G. Clara 56; P. Goltz 87) 2 – 0 Chacarita Juniors (G. Cano OFF 85)
Atlético Tucumán (J.M. Azconzábal 45+1; C. Vargas OFF 66) 1 – 3 Estudiantes de La Plata (M. Boselli 3, 75; J. Sosa 47)
San Lorenzo de Almagro (A. Gómez 12, 89, OFF 90) 2 – 2 Colón (F. Bertoglio 4; E. Coudet 45+3; G. Rivarola OFF 76)
Lanús (S. Blanco 73) 1 – 0 Racing Club
Newell’s Old Boys (R. Schiavi 63) 1 – 1 Vélez Sársfield (P. Lima 86; F. Razzotti OFF 28)
Argentinos Juniors (N. Pavlovich 15; N. Peric OFF 53) 1 – 1 Tigre (C. Luna 77)
Boca Juniors P – P River Plate
Independiente (L. Mareque 77; L. Núñez 85) 2 – 0 Rosario Central
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (S. Romero OFF 580 – 2 Arsenal Fútbol Club (L. Leguizamón 32; M. Obolo 79)
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba (L. Sigali 18; D. Ramírez 74) 2 – 0 Banfield

Independiente 2 – 0 Central

Gimnasia La Plata 0 – 2 Arsenal

Godoy Cruz 2 – 0 Banfield

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One thought on “Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 10 scores and scorers

  1. What a fantastic goal by David Ramirez., completely out of nothing.
    Unfortunately, I missed it. I enjoyed the first half of the match, even though it was very late and I was tired, then at half time they started showing those videos of public works again and sadly, I dozed off. By the time I woke up again, Tomba were 2-0 and everyone was talking about this golazo. It’s one thing I don’t like about the clocks going forward, the matches will be even later from next Sunday onwards and I won’t be able to see as many.
    As for Godoy Cruz, they are a far better side than I thought. Jairo Castillo is much more skilful than he looks lol (he looks like he enjoys his food more than his football, but for a big brawny fellah he’s got really good feet). David Ramirez was playing tremendously too, and the whole side seems to be ‘in the zone’ at the moment.

    It’s great how often this happens in the short tournaments. A previously unheralded side can get a bit of momentum and create a serious bid for the title out of nothing – Talleres in 2004, Gimnasia in 05, Huracán in 09, even Banfield (although those of us who’d been watching Erviti and co for a while sensed they were getting something together, as were Lanús a year before their title).
    Mind you, the Talleres/GELP/Huracán type sides often fizzle out as quickly as they emerge, so Godoy Cruz fans had better enjoy this while it lasts. They could win the title, then lose all their players and be fighting relegation again in a couple of years….

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