Superclásico Clausura 2010: the goals

In what remained from Sunday of the Torneo Clausura match between Boca Juniors and River Plate, it was Boca’s Chilean midfielder / defender Gary Medel who was the key figure. Medel scored twice – one in each half – before being sent off for a second yellow card. Full highlights will be up later in the night I expect, but for now you can enjoy Medel’s two goals right here.

Torneo Clausura 2010, tenth round: Boca Juniors 2 – 0 River Plate

Medel’s red card came after he’d been booked first for a foul on River forward Gustavo Canales, and then later for a clash with midfielder Matías Almeyda. In between, he could have been booked two or three times more – he celebrated his first goal by climbing onto the perimeter fence, which Héctor Baldassi understandably turned a blind eye to, but also had a spat with Marcelo Gallardo early in the second half which saw Medel smack Gallardo in the face, and El Muñeco respond by putting his head right in close to Medel’s face. Neither player saw so much as a yellow for that, though on a different day both might have seen red. For now though, the suspension won’t matter. Medel is Boca’s second highest scorer of 2010 on 4 goals (behind Martín Palermo on 6), and two of those have come against River. If the fans didn’t love him already, they certainly do now.

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One thought on “Superclásico Clausura 2010: the goals

  1. hrmm. medel’s 2nd red card in a game after scoring and playing well in it, magnificent bastard i <3 you!

    I think Boca is counting their blessings that yet a another possible defender injury was just a false alarm, bonilla is fine (although completely out-of-sync)
    And Luiz Alberto's best game contrasted to perhaps the worst collective millionario defensive effort in awhile.

    .. cant wait for tomorrow: godoy cruz – estudiantes is shaping up to raise a little hell, estudiantes choosing to go against the grain with mostly titulares sans x-tomba enzo perez

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