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Esteban Fuertes has a go, in vain

Friday evening’s matches furnished us without any goals to view, after the first formed a dull birthday present for one of the managers and the second was called off in an utter downpour with the score still at 0-0.Huracán vs  Colón was played on this, Antonio Mohamed’s 40th birthday, but the Colón boss – formerly of Huracán – didn’t get much of a gift. There were chances, but neither side looked especially interested in taking theirs.

Colón were relatively bereft of ideas and Huracán, perhaps, just didn’t want to spoil their ex favourite’s big day. A little later, a deluge in Tucumán caused the relegation ‘point sixer’ (see what I’ve done there?) between Atlético and Racing to be called off after 22 minutes. Quarter of an hour in, Racing ‘keeper Jorge De Oliveira saved a penalty from Luis Rodríguez, but minutes later the game was cancelled. ‘From the bench, I couldn’t even see the goals!’ Miguel Angel Russo told the press afterwards, and he wasn’t kidding.

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