Méndez takes over at San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo suffered the loss of their manager Diego Simeone on Saturday afternoon following another loss at home, this time to Gimnasia La Plata. Their directors wasted no time naming Simeone’s replacement though, confirmed Sebastián Méndez as first-team manager for the remainder of the season. The Colombian was a member of the San Lorenzo side which won the Torneo Clausura back in 2007, and had retired from football after winning another title with Banfield back in December.

Banfield boss Julio César Falcioni had apparently approached Méndez after his retirement about the possibility of the defender joining the Banfield technical team, but El Gallego asked for some time to consider his options first. Since his championship win as a key member of Ramón Díaz’s side in the first short tournament covered by HEGS, Méndez has remained popular with San Lorenzo fans, and has maintained a good relationship with the club’s president Rafael Savino.

His most memorable moment in a San Lorenzo shirt came when he tried to snap then-River Plate forward Radamel Falcao García in two in a bad-tempered clásico, but Méndez now becomes the Argentine Primera‘s second youngest manager (Lanús boss Luis Zubeldía, amazingly, is still only 29), and his first match in charge of San Lorenzo will be on Wednesday… against Banfield. Welcome to management, Gallego.

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6 thoughts on “Méndez takes over at San Lorenzo

  1. Very interesting appointment, especially with San Lorenzo desperately in need of someone capable of masterminding some successful attacks – I think they’ve now gone eight out of twelve games without scoring a goal.

    Got a nasty feeling that poor old Alves might be the next to go at Boca, although he may just get pushed whereas Simeone got to walk. Another defeat to Central tonight and it seems as if he’s well and truly lost the dressing room. They were a tad unfortunate tonight though because that was never a free-kick that led to Caraglio getting the winner, but what was the Boca defense – Garcia especially – doing? They’re all over the shop defensively and I just don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel right now.

    1. With Boca, when you think you’ve hit bottom, just dig a little deeper. Yes, that was a very weak foul called on Chavez that led to the free kick, that led to Garcia’s ill advised butterfly chase, that led to another goal given up by promiscuous Boca. Boca’s like a drunken wh**e on a bender now. Everybody shoots, everybody scores.

      1. It’s extremely alarming, isn’t it? But hey, at least they’re safe in the knowledge that River are in an equally shoddy position. I thoroughly expect Lanus to continue their mid-season revival with three points here.

    1. aahh yes, godoy cruz had a minute when the lights finally turned on again.
      but what is suprising is the fact that nobody has really picked up on the fact that argentinos junior had snuck into 2nd without as much as a whimper. it’s getting crowded behind el diablo in the standings.

      1. I was thinking the very same thing myself just last week. They’ve very quietly been going about their business effectively and look good for the run-in. I wondered how they’d cope without Hauche this year, but it appears that they’ve overcome that big loss successfully. Just a shame for Racing fans that his introduction hasn’t changed their fortunes…

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