Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 13 scores, scorers and goals

Most of the goals, that is, because I didn’t find the time to post Wednesday’s up. As such, all the goals from Wednesday and Thursday’s matches are online now here on HEGS, along with an interesting set of results. Both Independiente and Central lost, but their pursuers – respectively, Godoy Cruz in the race for the title and Racing in the relegation dogfight – could only draw with one another in the round’s final match, thus ending the midweek ultimately frustrated. Boca Juniors lost yet again, and played truly terribly, to ratchet up the pressure on Abel Alves two days after the club’s board had announced they were in talks with Guillermo Barros Schelotto to take over as manager at the end of the season. All the heroes and villains are right here.

Primera División Torneo Clausura 2010, thirteenth round:
Tigre (C. Fondacaro 21; C. Luna 40, 79) 3 – 1 Atlético Tucumán (F. Escobar 85; M. Villavicencio OFF 90+1)
Arsenal Fútbol Club 0 – 1 Huracán (G. Clara 60; G. Esmerado OFF 90+1)
Chacarita Juniors (F. Vismara 59; L. López OFF 68) 1 – 2 Lanús (G. Castillejos 88, 90+1; S. Blanco OFF 68)
Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata (M. Pérez 21, 68) 2 – 1 Independiente (F. Mancuello 40)
River Plate 0 – 1 Newell’s Old Boys (J. Achucarro 51)
Banfield (R. Battión 12; R. Ramírez 43) 2 – 0 San Lorenzo de Almagro
Vélez Sársfield (V. Zapata OFF 64) 0 – 1 Estudiantes de La Plata (G. Fernández 4; J.S. Verón OFF 32)
Colón (E. Fuertes 14; F. Bertoglio 34, 51) 3 – 0 Boca Juniors (B. Bonilla OFF 88)
Rosario Central 0 – 1 Argentinos Juniors (I. Sosa 59)
Racing Club 0 – 0 Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba

Chacarita 1 – 2 Lanús

Gimnasia 2 – 1 Independiente

River 0 – 1 Newell’s

Banfield 2 – 0 San Lorenzo

Vélez 0 – 1 Estudiantes

Colón 3 – 0 Boca

Central 0 – 1 Argentinos

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5 thoughts on “Torneo Clausura 2010: Round 13 scores, scorers and goals

  1. shame about the godoy cruz – racing match… mostly to the fault of godoy cruz looking to hit a counterattack that never came together and claudio bieler about 5 steps offside on each racing foray into tomba territory.

  2. is there any explanation why boca and river are so shit. Is it they way they are run, poor managers or poor players or a combination of all 3? Or is the conspiracy abot the tv rights true!!!??

    1. Well in Boca’s case they are thin for depth with so many players hurt/suspended/excluded. The remaining players are at odds with the now x-coach. And management is at a lack of options when all the better choices for signings of players and coaches happened to sign elsewhere for more before they got around to caring. The signings they currently have are paid generously, handcuffed the available financial backing and the players have been plagued by poor team performance and alleged in-fighting

      River’s case is similar except for the coaching and injuries, financially they have been running in the red, forcing them this past year to go without any new signings. River is far younger/green in terms of talent compared to boca’s woes, the resuls are the same

  3. Mike, don’t forget Diego Buonanotte’s absence for River. Probably the biggest loss in terms of injury that could have happened.

    1. Buonanotte is still just 21. Even if he was playing the result would still be the same, River is still green and buonanotte’s ceiling is still unknown and how well he will come back is still anyone’s guess.

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