Copa Libertadores 2010: Banfield 3 – 1 Internacional

Banfield beat Internacional de Porto Alegre comfortably on Wednesday night in their first leg tie in the last 16 of the Copa Libertadores, with a little help from the referee. Kléber equalised for the Brazilians before being wrongly sent off in the 56th minute. His leveller, a sumptuous half volley from 25 yards, had cancelled out Colombian James Rodríguez’s opener for Banfield. Once they had a man more, though, El Taladro didn’t have any problems at all (unlike Barcelona against Internazionale a little earlier in Europe). Roberto Battión and Sebastián Fernández scored the remaining goals in their 3-1 triumph. Incidentally, the referee, Jorge Larrionda, will be the Uruguayan man in the middle during the World Cup. Hmm.

Banfield 3 – 1 Internacional (BRA)

I apologise for the poor quality of the video but the decent one from my normal source didn’t include the second goal, for some reason.

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