Copa Libertadores 2010: Estudiantes are out

Winning 2-0 for most of the match thanks to goals from Leandro González and Enzo Pérez, and thus having successfully overturned the first-leg deficit they took back from Porto Alegre last week, Estudiantes de La Plata have gone out of the Copa Libertadores after conceding a late goal to Internacional. Giuliano got it in a smoky penalty box (in celebration of the anticipated win, Estudiantes’ fans had thrown flares onto the pitch) from one of Inter’s only clearcut chances of the night. Afterwards there were heated exchanges with Leandro Desábato at their centre which might see Inter sanctioned – their reserve goalkeeper appeared to hit the defender from behind at one point before running off. You can watch the goals and the scenes after the final whistle right here.

Copa Libertadores 2010, quarter-final second leg, Thursday 20th May 2010: Estudiantes de La Plata 2 – 1 Internacional (BRA)

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2 thoughts on “Copa Libertadores 2010: Estudiantes are out

  1. An ugly ending, no ? As usual, Desabato appearing to be the ringleader. I’d guess he will receive a suspension of some sort as well as that cowardly, cheap-shotting, backup Inter keeper. The Estudiantes faithful are probably still screaming bloody murder, but this is what happens when you can’t score a goal away from home. And, when your idiotic fans shoot flares in front of their own goalkeeper when the opposition is desperately on the attack. Vamos Pato, and stay away from no-mans land !

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