When Saturday Comes: World Cup 2010 preview

UK residents and regular HEGS readers will already be familiar with my semi-regular contributions to When Saturday Comes, and it’s with some pride that I encourage all of you to go out and buy the new edition of the magazine, which – for the month has arrived for such things – includes a special extra World Cup preview booklet. Luminaries such as Phil Ball (Spain) and Uli Hesse (Germany) give the lowdown on the competing nations, and yours truly spent a full day frantically draping myself in various national flags as I wrote the team profiles for Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Uruguay (I didn’t really drape myself in their flags). If you don’t live in the UK there’s good news: the magazine is now available in an excellent digital version (which includes this month’s special), a free trial issue of which you can see here if you’d like to sign up. Apparently there’s also an iPhone app.


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  1. Off topic-Claudio Borghi confirmed as coach of Boca !! Hooray for all Bosteros. And hopefully he can bring Mercier with him.

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