Not much doing at River

With the transfer news at Boca Juniors largely covering the extensions of existing players’ contracts, River Plate Ángel Cappa has been getting impatient about the Núñez side’s ability to even do that. The season may only have ended two weeks ago but Cappa was at pains on Saturday to remind Daniel Passarella and the rest of River’s board of directors that reinforcements are needed. ‘Without new players, my stay at River is going to be a brief one,’ he announced ominously.

River will begin the Apertura bottom of the relegation Promedio table (only the three promoted teams, who will all gain more .points per win due to their totals being divided by a smaller number of matches, will be below them) and although Daniel Passarella has spoken of challenging for the title, Cappa’s made it very clear they’re a very long way from safety at the moment, never mind anything more. ‘We need reinforcements to get out of this worrying situation, I’m very impatient and anxious about it,’ he told Radio 10 from Spain.

Alexis Ferrero’s contract extension also still needs to be sorted out, although Cappa seems more relaxed about that, saying Passarella’s already told him not to worry on that score at least. The coming weeks will tell us a lot about how capable River’s squad will be next season – what we now also know is that they could dictate how capable a manager they have as well.

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