More barras deported

The South African authorities have confirmed that eighteen more barra bravas forming part of the NGO-sponsored Hinchadas Unidas Argentinas group will be deported back to Argentina from South Africa shortly, after causing disturbances during Argentina’s opening World Cup match against Nigeria. These deportations add to the ones from last week when the group first landed in South Africa.

The barras were arrested early in the morning in the grounds of the school they’re staying in during the tournament, by a group of police from both countries. According to La Nación, all the arrested barras are second or third in charge of their respective groups back home. The total number of Argentine barras now deported from South Africa reaches 30 with this latest group.

Marcelo Mallo, who brokered the deal with government minister Aníbal Fernández which led to the agreement between the barras the Kirchnerist NGO, claimed after initial criticism of the idea that the lucky delinquents sent to South Africa wouldn’t have an free ride or be living in luxury – but a large group of them, having arrived without tickets or very cash, ended up watching the match against Nigeria from the VIP boxes, where tickets cost around US$200. Tough life, hey?

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