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Following Friday afternoon’s training session, Diego Maradona looks like he’s making two changes to the Argentina team that started the first match of the World Cup against Nigeria. Maxi Rodríguez keeps his place on the right of midfield ahead of Seba Verón (Ángel Di María is back in on the left) and… wait for it… Nicolás Otamendi played at right back for the starters against the ‘sparrings‘ (kids brought in to provide opposition during training sessions)! Jonás Gutiérrez may therefore be relieved of his duties at right back against Mexico. Argentina’s most obvious weakness might not be reappearing – but watch this space, because things can always change…
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3 thoughts on “An update

  1. I like it !! I like Maxi in that role and Jonas just can’t cut it at fullback against top flight competition. Maradona continues to impress with some smart decisions. Whoda thunk it ?!

    1. You know, it’s starting to look like Diego actually has a reasonable brain inside that old head of his. Maybe he’s been having us on, making us think that he’s well out of his depth, all along….? We shall see.

  2. Am nervously excited about the game. I hope hope hope we win, but it’s not going to be easy. Mexico are a good side. I like the look of the team Diego is expected to field. Otamendi is obviously a more natural defender than Jonas, while I don’t think it’s worth risking Samuel if he’s not 100% fit. I also preferred the midfield in the South Korea game. Veron is a little ponderous for me. Fingers crossed we’ll come out on top.

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