Maradona to be offered a contract extension

This just in from the AFA’s recently concluded meeting: Diego Maradona is to be offered a new four-year contract to continue as manager of the Argentine national team until the Brazil 2014 World Cup. This will take him through next year’s Copa América – which will be held in Argentina – as well. Whether Maradona will sign remains to be seen. He’ll meet Grondona at some point before next Wednesday to decide.

‘The president of the AFA is going to request from Maradona a report and a project to take on the contract he’s being offered for another four years, which will unite 2010 with the last whistle of the last game, the last performance, the seventh match, we hope, of Brazil 2014,’ said AFA spokesman Ernesto Cherquis Bialo to the press a short while ago.

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One thought on “Maradona to be offered a contract extension

  1. Let’s hop that Grondona passes away so that we can get some sanity at the AFA.

    Maradona was the best player the world has ever seen but an untrained monkey could have gotten Argentina to the qauter finals.

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