Riquelme renews, and more on Maradona

This is actually merely catching up with yesterday’s news, because reporting it yesterday would have seen it get swamped by Diego Maradona’s press conference, so I didn’t. Juan Román Riquelme has finally renewed his Boca Juniors contract for another four – yes four! – years. Boca boss Claudio Borghi claims to be delighted, whilst Martín Palermo’s reaction to the news is sadly unreported. And if you’ve not yet read enough about Maradona’s exit, there’s a little more here by me on ESPN Soccernet.

Riquelme himself confirmed that he ‘already feels like a Boca player,’ even though he’s yet to sign his new contract, and expressed his relief that finally, after some incredibly public (and, to a non-Boca fan, at times amusing) ‘negotiations’ via the press. He also insisted, again, that ‘the economic aspect was never the problem,’ even though that argument seemed to have been pretty roundly rebutted last week. But whatever the ins and outs of it, Riquelme will be a Boca Juniors player for another four years, assuming he really does sign that bit of paper. The way this saga’s gone so far, maybe we shouldn’t count too heavily on that just yet…

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7 thoughts on “Riquelme renews, and more on Maradona

  1. It seems from waving bye bye to Roman, now we Bosteros are welcoming him back. Maybe not with completely open arms however. Honestly, I’m surprised Boca didn’t let him go. Is he worth as much trouble as he causes ? (Fans of River and El Burrito are stirring). Maybe they figure Borghi can work through the mess of the past two years and Boca can be on top again even with the Palermo/Roman feud. Vamos a ver.

  2. I guess no other team, inside or outside the country got even close to the offer Boca had made Roman. It would be a stupid thing for him to let it go.
    On the other hand, I have my suspitions Boca never thought Riquelme will finnally get and agreement with the club, so spend a lot of money in Luchetti, Insaurralde, Cellay, Caruzo, Clemente et al. But Roman then answer what nobody really thought he would answer, that’s it, yes, I accept Boca’s offer.
    And now?
    We’ll have to pay all the bills.., and Roman!!!

  3. You’re right-I knew you’re Boca fan haha like me (sorry Sam), but I must admitt I started my support relatively not long time ago:)

  4. Obvious tax problems, about which, incredibly nobody spoke until now, may bring all the laborious (and insane) construction of Riquelme’s contract down.

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