Winter transfers

The 2010 Torneo Apertura is almost upon us now – it starts on Friday – and HEGS will be gearing up for it during the week. I’ll have the traditional ‘meet the clubs’ piece online later in the week, but to kick your working Monday off (or to help you wind down from it, if you’re a conscientious worker and don’t check the site from the office), here’s a link to help you make sense of the winter transfers I’ve not mentioned on the site – which is the great majority of them. 147 transfers have already been made, a number which breaks the previous Argentine record 120 (from the 2001/2002 season), with Quilmes adding a huge 19 players to their squad. Obviously I’m not going to list them all, but La Nación Olé have the easiest-to-follow ‘ins and outs’ table with ‘Altas’ meaning ‘transfers in’ and ‘Bajas’ meaning ‘transfers out’. ‘En carpeta’ means negotiations are ongoing. The page will be updated daily until the window closes – and as discussed in the comments, this list isn’t perfect, sadly.

You can enjoy the building excitement as we get closer to the 2010 Apertura via HEGS on Twitter. If you’ve not signed up yet you can do so here.

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6 thoughts on “Winter transfers

  1. La Nación may have “the easiest-to-follow ‘ins and outs’ table,” but it is not up to date, nor accurate. They are missing Iván Borghello’s return to Newell’s, and list Diego Torres as leaving Newell’s for Quilmes.

    Granted, Borghello’s move only happened over the past week or so, and Torrex was rumored to be headed out of Newell’s, but just seeing those two errors on Newell’s list (the team I follow, for anyone who can’t figure that out) makes me wonder how many other errors/omissions there are on La Nación tables…

    1. I missed those, David. In any case, they’re missing nearly half of Quilmes’ ‘players in’ column as well. I’ll change the link for Olé’s list instead.

      Olé, La Nación, Página 12, and El Gráfico all list Torres as leaving you for Quilmes. I’ve found a few references on Google – all from far less ‘official’ news sites – suggesting he’s gone to Barcelona of Ecuador, but La Capital (note for others: Rosario’s biggest local newspaper) has no mention of this, and the official Newell’s site still lists him in your first team squad…

      1. Torres is certainly out of favor with Sensini (one more reason for me to call him the Senseless One.) I saw an article last week on that had the expected players to travel to BA for a friendly. Torres was placed with the reserve squad.

        A shame, really, as I thought he linked very well with Sperduti and Nuñez in the few chances he got to play last season.

  2. Thanks for the “ins and outs” Sam. It’s tough to keep track of. I see where ex Boca Jonatan Maidana (and ex Banfield) has made the trip to River ! Boludo !

  3. Do you realise how much trouble I would be in if I read this at work? ;-)

    Gabriel Mercado to Estudiantes. Boooooooooooooo.

    Tigre sign Stracqualursi and Caballero. Tigre used to be one of my favourite sides to watch. Not any more.

    All Boys could do well, they’ve signed some pretty handy players for this level.

  4. Clarin publlished today (paper edition, pag. 50) the most complete up to date “ins and outs’ ” table.

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