New River Plate and Boca Juniors shirts

One day after Nike previewed the new Boca Juniors shirt for the coming season, Adidias’ new take on River Plate’s famous red sash came out. As part of the week previewing the new season in Argentina, I thought it’d sate a few readers’ thirst to give a couple of pictures of the new shirts of Argentina’s two biggest teams – even though they’re still not likely to be fighting it out for the league title during the Torneo Apertura. Boca’s new shirt goes for slightly bolder colours than in recent seasons, whilst River’s – to my eye at least – has a slightly retro touch to it. Read on to see the images…

With Boca’s new shirt, Nike have gone for a brighter shade of blue and, once again, a lighter shade of yellow than (if I were a Boca fan) I’d be strictly happy with.

New Boca shirt from the front
New Boca shirt from the side

For River’s new shirt, meanwhile, Adidas seem to me to have gone for a slightly retro touch. The ‘CARP’ on the sash reminds me of some older shirt designs – for that reason I’d personally prefer it without the current badge, but at least the manufacturer’s logo’s moved back to where it should be.

New River shirt from the front
New River shirt - number

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Photos: Boca shirt both taken from River shirt front shot taken from; number taken from


17 thoughts on “New River Plate and Boca Juniors shirts

  1. Boca shirts looks fine but the problem is that LG logo still sucks. By the way Sam- River didn’t have any sponsor on their kit? Like Petrobras?

    1. It will be interesting to see how Borghi uses Clemente, given that he is going to play three across the back. There’s been a complete dismantling of the porous Boca defense. All new centerbacks and no more Ibarra, Morel or one of my favorites, Juan Krupoviesa. Krupo has gone to Arsenal de Sarandi ! Ugh !

      Also, it looks like Borghi is going to start the season playing Palermo and Viatri up front. Oof. Slow and slower. I can’t see that lasting very long. Maybe Borghi can instill some discipline in Mouche. I would guess that the next few months will be make or break time for both Viatri and Mouche.

    2. Gary Medel was chosen the best player of World Cup in South Africa after group stage by Castrol Ranking so don’t worry Johnny ;)

      1. Good for the Pitbull ! If Battaglia comes back healthy, along with Jesus Mendez, that might spell a vastly improved defensive midfield for Boca.

  2. The red shirt cuffs, three stripes, and collar definitely give the new River shirt a retro look. I can’t see what you mean about CARP on the sash tho, Sam?

    1. It reminds me of River’s older shirts because it looks a lot nicer than the plastic-looking, ‘shiny’, very ‘new’ badge they’ve got at the moment, which I’ve never really been a fan of. I’d rather have that picked out in white and get rid of the crest – that would complete the look of an otherwise lovely shirt, for me.

  3. The quilmes jerseys are even more minialist than these. pure white. And the Quilmes beer logo in old pre-1950’s font.

  4. As a River fan, I always appreciate a jersey that doesn’t cut the red sash too much, and I agree with you Sam, the badge and the CARP over the sash together are one too many. I’m not sure I like the badge there, I prefer it over the sash. Still, I like the retro look of it.

    I love the new away jersey, I’m glad they’re no longer using the red sash on that one, it makes it look a lot better. I wouldn’t mind getting one of each this season (preferably before they pawn it off to Petrobras or somebody). What are the shirts going for in Argentina? And do you know any web sites selling them that will ship internationally?

  5. Does anyone know how much are those new River shirts retailing for? I need to get one for my 10 year old nephew and probably one for myself, although I am far too old to be wearing one. I will be in Bs As in October .

  6. All Boys has a unique if not pretty sponsor. The colors of the Barraza dairy company logo (silly looking picture of a cow in a pasture) jar the eyes from the otherwise simple black edges/white block jersey colors.

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