Diego Maradona has got a new deal!

A brief update to the weekend fixture list posted here this morning: it now looks very much, according to an Estudiantes-supporting friend of mine in La Plata, like Estudiantes will indeed be playing Quilmes at ‘home’ in Quilmes’ own stadium. And a bit of non-news: Diego Maradona has been offered a new deal – for a second chat show.

Maradona has thus been marginally more successful in the eyes of broadcasters than Alan Partridge ever managed to be, but it’s still not known whether he’ll take the production company behind his original show, La Noche Del Diez, up on their offer. La Nación report that he’s expected to wait until October, to find out the identity of the long-term manager of the Argentine national team, and thus give himself every chance of still, just possibly, taking up that role again.

With his chances of taking the Mexico or Napoli jobs now looking slim, it seems Maradona would be interested by a return to the media. The negotiations might take a while even then, though; they’re currently being conducted by Maradona’s girlfriend Verónica Ojeda, but his ex-wife Claudia Villafañé owns the rights, and acts as his agent normally.

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One thought on “Diego Maradona has got a new deal!

  1. Are they thinking an Oprah daily talkshow ala “La Tarde del Diez”? Or perhaps a risky late night humor romp ala “El Atardecer del Diez.” Either way I hope Pele comes back and that two vs two tennis game was killer.

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