A clarification from Claudio Borghi

Claudio Borghi said some words earlier in the week which were universally interpreted by the Argentine press as meaning he’d stand down in the event that Boca Juniors fail to win on Sunday against Vélez Sarsfield. He’s now been up in front of the press to insist that that wasn’t strictly what he meant. ‘I said that we’d be left in a very complicated situation,’ he insisted.

It’ll be a relief to Boca fans who would rather the new man was given the time – by both his bosses and himself – to get into the rhythm and pressures of his new job. ‘The [league] table speaks for itself,’ Borghi told journalists in Friday’s press conference. ‘They’re a team who’ve been fully formed and together for a few years now. On paper, they’re top of the league and we’re in an uncomfortable situation. But we haven’t played yet. It’s a key match for our hopes for the season.’

He continued; ‘how many words do I say in each press conference? I’m not always able to be careful with every one. If we don’t win, we’ll be further behind, but I never talked about resigning. I’m concerned, I don’t like to lose, and I was unbeaten at Argentinos in the last fourteen matches [of the Clausura], but… to resign? All the same, I’m grateful to the directors at Boca for the support they’ve given me.’

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