Argentina 4 – 1 Spain: the goals

Argentina 4 - 1 Spain
Argentina and Spain line up for the second half

There’ll be more on Argentina’s brilliant 4-1 friendly win over Spain during the day on Wednesday, but before I turn in for the night I’m going to post the highlights video here for those who want to relive a memorable win for all present in the Estadio Monumental. With excellent goals from Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuaín and Sergio Agüero, as well as a thoroughly determined one from Carlos Tevez, Argentina thrashed the new world champions with a display that might well ensure Sergio Batista is handed the permanent manager’s job. Spain’s starting lineup was nothing like the one forecast by the Spanish press (and, subsequently, me), but Argentina’s performance was highly impressive all the same. The goals are right here.

International friendly, 7th September 2010: Argentina 4 – 1 Spain

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3 thoughts on “Argentina 4 – 1 Spain: the goals

  1. Argentina’s friendlies before the Campeonato Sudamericano Copa América are as follow: Friday, October 8th, against Japan in Tokyo. Should be good
    Nov 17: Brazil in Doha, Qatar. How exotic.
    Feb 9: England in Copenhagen, Denmark. Whats wrong with Wembley?
    Mar 24: Mexico in USA. Good test for the copa.
    Mar 28: USA in USA. Good test for the copa.
    Jun 1: Italy in Italy. Should be a good one.

    1. Thanks for that, flea. Only two things: first, it’s just called the Copa América – ‘Campeonato Sudamericano’ was its old name before 1975. Secondly, there’s probably going to be another friendly with Brazil, held in Brazil, at some point.

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