An update on Buonanotte’s case

Diego Buonanotte didn’t play for River Plate on Sunday, and wasn’t in training today – but he’s not thrown a hissy fit at being left out of the starting lineup. The young attacker was given leave to skip training, in order to remain in his hometown of Teodelina, Santa Fe Province, where he’s got to answer some legal questions regarding what happened in the early hours of the 26th December last year, when the car he was driving crashed, leaving Buonanotte in intensive care and killing his three best friends.

The public prosecutor looking into the accident is preparing to bring a case against the player for triple homicide. Buonanotte, for his part, insists he ‘doesn’t remember’ the circumstances leading up to the crash, whilst also claiming that he’d been driving at a sensible speed. Initial forensics on the vehicle – Buonanotte’s dad’s Peugot – after the crash had suggested it had been travelling at high speed when it left the road and hit a tree. It’s possible that the case could go to court.

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4 thoughts on “An update on Buonanotte’s case

  1. As I recall, there was a blood alcohol level done that didn’t meet the level of culpability. On the other hand, if evidence indicates Diego was speeding that could be a problem. Or, at least it would be in many places. Not sure if Buonanotte’s level of notoriety will help him, but I would guess that it would.

    I remember that Viatri’s allegedly holding up a beauty parlor at gunpoint seemed to fade away.

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